Titan Poker’s Back Bet

Enhance The Fun Of Playing Poker At Titan

Titan Poker Back BetPlaying poker at Titan Poker already is a blast, especially given the immense variety of different games that you can play there. Players should always try out various types and formats and you can only really decide what you like the most after you’ve given a bunch of them a try.

However, all this variety isn’t all that Titan Poker has to offer you. If you like to play cash Texas Holdem, and pretty much all of us do, Titan also offers you the opportunity to place side bets on the action at the table.

Called Titan Back Bet, you now have an opportunity to not only bet on your hands, but bet on a bunch of other things as well. The best part of this is, not only does this put more money on the line as you are playing, and quite a bit more if you are up for it, it keeps you entertained when you’re not in hands as well.

While the best poker players may pay close attention to every move at the poker tables which they are involved in, let’s face it, this isn’t a particularly entertaining way to spend your time. If you are like me you are playing poker for fun, and that’s really not a lot of fun. So with Back Bet you can make all kinds of side bets and stay involved at all times, which is nice.

How Titan Back Bet Works

If you choose to take advantage of this feature, and whether you do or not is perfectly up to you, a special software program will run in concert with the poker table, attaching itself right to your table for your convenience.

This way if you play more than one table, you will easily be able to place bets on different tables at the same time if you wish, and will be able to easily tell which bets are for which table.

So what kind of bets can you make with this? Well you can bet on all sorts of things, like what sort of pocket cards you will receive, what sort of hands you will end up with, whether certain cards will hit the board, and even the outcome of hands if you are still in the hand.

The last one, betting on the outcome of the hand, can be particularly fun and profitable. While most of the bets that are available are purely a matter of chance, these kinds of bets may not be for everyone, as they are more like a casino bet, with a very small edge to the house.

Some people love casino games, while the more poker purist may not. Regardless though, betting on yourself in hands, or even betting on opponents if you wish to do that, would seem to me to really appeal to a lot of poker players. This can really enhance both your enjoyment and the money you make at the tables if you place your bets well.

Back Bet In Action

Titan Poker Back Bet TypesEvery time there is a back bet available, you will have the opportunity to place it or not. Just because you have the program running doesn’t mean you have to make certain bets or any bets if you don’t want to.

So all you do is look for bets you like, and then click on them. You will be given the odds and everything else you need to know about the bet that you can make.

The money for these bets, both in terms of the money staked and the winnings, comes directly from your account balance at Titan Poker, and not from the money you have at the table. This way, the outcomes don’t affect your stack at the table, so you won’t either find yourself short and needing to reload your stack when you lose, nor be uncomfortable with the extra money being at the table where your stack may grow too large for your liking when you win.

So the whole thing is set up very well and this just adds to the potential fun you can have while playing at Titan Poker, and further distances themselves from their competition, who do not offer such additional niceties.

Titan Poker has always been at the forefront of going the extra mile to keep their players as entertained and as happy as they can make them, and Back Bet is only a small part of all of this.


I doubt that anyone will end up playing at Titan Poker because of their Back Bet option, but it is another brick in a very impressive wall of great reasons to play there. To experience this and everything else that Titan Poker has to offer, if you are not enjoying all of this already that is, all you have to do is click on our link and visit them, register your first account, make your first deposit, and you’re good to go.

Titan Poker has an impressive array of different deposit options for you to choose from by the way, so you are sure to find one you love, and Titan’s friendly support team stands by 24 hours a day every day to assist you should you wish or need it.

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