Titan Poker Bonus Code

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Your Complete Guide To Titan Poker

Titan Poker has always been one of the best and most popular online poker sites and that’s why this site offers the best deposit bonus. But you’ll need a Titan Poker bonus code to claim it. They are the flagship site on iPoker, the world’s favorite poker network. Titan Poker in fact is the dominant poker room on iPoker, and is the main driving force behind their ascent to the top.

Titan Poker offers its players an unmatched combination of traffic and looseness. This draws upon Titan Poker’s wide appeal among online poker players and many others from smaller rooms on the network.

Titan Poker LogoSo Titan Poker offers players the best of both worlds. You get to play at a renowned poker room and also have the benefit of playing against players from a lot of smaller rooms that only fish sign up at.

BonusCodeTitanPoker.org is your complete guide to Titan Poker. We’ll be providing you with all the information you’ll ever need on Titan Poker before trying them out. Feel free to browse our site as much as you like. You will soon find out that Titan Poker is going to pay you pretty well to check them out for yourself.

If you haven’t taken advantage of Titan Poker’s deposit bonus, there is no better time than right now to do so. Titan Poker is currently offering you a bonus of epic proportions. So this page will be outlining that offer, besides to the other rewards that you’ll be receiving from them.

If you wish to find out more about them, everything about them in fact, then you’re welcome to keep browsing our site. But with this much bonus on the line, this in itself is more than enough reason to allow them to pay you for just playing poker and giving them a try.

Our Exclusive Titan Poker Bonus Code Gets You $50 Free

We have an exclusive bonus deal for you that you will find nowhere else. By using our Titan Poker bonus code PBC2000, if you deposit $20 to less than $50, you will receive $20 instant cash to play with free. But if you deposit $50 or more, you will get $50 instant free cash.

Titan Poker Bonus CodeThis $50 instant cash deal can only be had through us. We work hard for you to get the best bonus deals out there and we have managed to get this for you and all our other friends.

The most instant cash bonus for Titan Poker you will see elsewhere by the way is $25. Given the choice between $25 free and the $50 free we’ve arranged, you will definitely want to be using our bonus code for Titan Poker.

There are lots of other good reasons to try out Titan Poker by the way and this free cash just serves to sweeten the deal. Yet, getting either $20 or $50 in instant free poker cash is way more reason than you will ever need to want to take advantage of this.

Instant cash is quite a bit better than just bonus dollars, which you have to play a lot of hands for, and which you may or may not end up getting. With instant cash the money is in your account immediately for you to play with. In other words, by using Titan Poker bonus code PBC2000 you will playing real money poker for free!

How To Use the Titan Poker Bonus Code

So go ahead and collect your free cash bonus right now by visiting Titan through one of our links. And don’t forget to enter in our special Titan Poker bonus code of PBC2000, when they ask you for a bonus code during the sign up process. Enjoy!

Titan Poker’s Deposit Bonus Offer

Instead of the typical 100% match that poker rooms usually offer, Titan Poker’s deposit bonus is double that. They are going to reward you with not 100% but 200% of your initial deposit with them. So for instance, if you deposit $100 with them, you will get not $100 in bonus money, but $200.

Titan Poker Deposit Bonus

Instead of setting the maximal bonus at $600 or even $1000, Titan Poker also goes all out with this part. They allow you to collect a lot more bonus money if you are willing to show them some bigger bucks. So if you deposit $1000, you will then get a whopping $2000 in bonus money from Titan Poker, which is the highest.

So the more you can deposit, up to $1000, the more bonus money you will get. So it pays not to be conservative here, and throw in as much as you can up to the maximal. Where else are you going to get a 200% return on your investment in such a short period of time?

These days we consider 5% a year to be a good investment, and this is 40 times that, which can you can earn over a much shorter period. So if you collect it in a month, which is reasonable, that’s a 2400% annualized return, instead of 5%. We’re now talking 480 times bigger. So even if you have to borrow it on one of your credit cards, it’s not hard to see how great a deal this is.

How Titan Poker Pays You Your Deposit Bonus

Like all poker deposit bonuses, you have to try out poker sites to receive the bonus money. While Titan Poker’s bonus is easy to earn, in fact they brag that theirs is the easiest around, you still need to play some poker to get it. They want you to get a good idea of everything they have to offer, which only makes sense.

Titan Poker pays your bonus in $5 increments, each time you accumulate 250 points. You collect points from playing real money tables and tournaments. There’s no need to worry about keeping track of your points, as Titan Poker will do that for you, and pay you your bonus as you unlock it.

So it doesn’t take too long to unlock it all, although the more you play, the faster you get it. Every time you earn another $5, that’s $5 that you wouldn’t have if not for this great bonus deal.

Once that you’ve earned it all, the fun doesn’t stop there, as you are then eligible to earn VIP rewards for your further play there. You can leave if you wish, but Titan Poker has already invested money in you. They are willing to invest a lot more to ensure that you remain as happy as you can be.

Titan Poker Rolls Out The Welcome Wagon For You

Titan Poker Welcome Package

One of the things that has made Titan Poker stand out from the pack is their generous welcome bonus. They offer this bonus to new players who make their first deposit with them and try them out.

Players who have already played at Titan Poker are well familiar with all the great reasons to play at this esteemed poker site. But there are a lot of players, perhaps yourself, who have yet to experience everything that Titan Poker has to offer you.

So if you are fortunate enough to never had made a real money deposit at Titan Poker before, they have a real treat in store for you. Over the years, poker rooms have offered nice welcome bonuses to look to entice players to try them out. The idea behind this has been that once players get a taste of their poker room, many will want to continue to play there.

So of course these bonuses cost the poker rooms plenty of money, and the bigger the bonus offer, the more they need to be sure of themselves. If the poker room that is paying you is of lesser quality and can’t make you stay, then they will have, to some degree, wasted their money.

So when we see such a big welcome bonus as Titan Poker offers, this says a lot about the quality of their online poker offering right there. They are confident that you will love their site. And this isn’t a guess either, they have based this upon their vast experience of acquiring and retaining players.

Titan Poker’s Rewards Don’t Stop With This Though

Whether you stay with them or not after they pay you this well to try them out is perfectly up to you. However, they are going to work just as hard to keep you as they have to get you to try them, and this is evidenced in their very good VIP rewards program.

Titan Poker RewardsAs testimony to how good their rewards program is, they are now getting a lot of players from Poker Stars who have been less than happy with Poker Stars’ reduction in their rewards payout. So what they have done is allowed players from there not to have to start at the bottom and are offering advanced VIP standing with Titan based upon your former VIP level at Poker Stars to all the players who are coming over to Titan Poker from there.

These players are also finding that getting better frequent player rewards is only the tip of the iceberg as far as all the advantages that Titan Poker has to offer them. The main one in fact isn’t the greater rewards, it’s the much softer competition that Titan offers them.

The Biggest Reward Is Just Getting To Play At Titan Poker

Going from PokerStars to Titan is like going from the major league, where the best players on the internet play, to the minor league. In fact, you will find many more weaker players that you can hammer on. In the end, how you perform is a combination of your results at the table plus your frequent player rewards. How you do against other players at the site is a matter of how strong or weak they are.

Weaker players will lose more money to you, and we know that as an absolute fact. Instead of having a gang of sharks for every fish that you see at sites like PokerStars, at Titan Poker, the fishing is always much better. This translates to a lot more money in your pocket over time.

So when it’s all said and done, this is the real reward for playing at Titan Poker, not the big bonus or their generous player rewards.

The people at Titan know this though, and that’s why they are willing to put so much money behind their site. Of course, getting these nice rewards, and the free cash that you get when using our Titan Poker bonus code, is a big plus as well.

Other Great Welcome Benefits From Titan Poker

In addition to your 200% bonus, Titan Poker also offers all of its first depositors free entries into $10,000 worth of poker tournaments. You will be given 4 entries into their $2,500 first depositors tournaments, which are limited to new players like yourself, and therefore the fields are pretty small, making your chances of winning a big prize a lot higher than in normal freeroll tournaments.

Titan Poker also gives away $3000 every month in new player contests, where you compete against other new players in a leaderboard style event. The higher you climb the leaderboard, the more you win. These contests provide a lot of fun in themselves, aside from the free cash that you can win at them.

Titan Poker MentorTitan also provides their players with your own copy of their Titan Poker Mentor, which is a very nice poker calculator comparable to ones that you would pay for elsewhere. Aside from its other tools, it also provides recommendations that newer players will find very helpful, although players of all skill levels will appreciate things like giving you the odds and other helpful statistics that you can use in live play at Titan.

So why wait to take advantage of the Titan Poker bonus code? Just click here and get started right now and reserve all of the free money and other great benefits that Titan is about to give you!