Titan Poker Software Review

Titan Poker’s Software Is Extremely Battle Tested

Titan Poker, like all poker rooms on the iPoker Network, uses the award winning Playtech poker platform. Playtech has been perfecting poker software right from back in the early days of online poker, and it shows.

Titan Poker SoftwareMany poker rooms have people on staff who build custom software for their poker site, and the results can pale in comparison to having a company who has industry leading expertise and experience like Playtech does.

A top poker software platform consists of much more than meets the eye. For years, the software at Titan Poker may have looked like it was a little behind the times to the untrained eye. It’s said that beauty is often skin deep, and this was the case here with Titan’s software.

It wasn’t the most titillating to look at, however, unless you are a brand new poker player who sees playing poker as a sort of video game, this stuff should never really concern you. It’s how a poker software plays, in other words it’s functionality, that really counts.

Titan Poker’s Software Has Always Been About Maximum Playability

A good poker software always starts with its playability, since that’s what we use it for. It’s actually much more difficult to get things right on the usability side than the appearance side. This is something that Playtech has been very focused on over the years, and have always strived to be on the cutting edge of things here, in spite of their software in the past looking pretty basic in terms of their graphics and such.

In fact, it’s quite an art to be able to have great looking graphics and top performance. A lot of poker sites over the years have focused too much on the graphics, significantly adding to the size of their files and impacting performance as a result.

Poker rooms have gotten better at balancing this over the years, and you see a lot less crashes, disconnects, and the like than you used to, but performance has always been job one at Playtech. They make their money, all of their money, by licensing their poker software to poker rooms, so this isn’t a sideline with them, it’s their sole concern.

Screenshot of the Titan Poker LobbySo they have to ensure that their clients are completely satisfied, and a big part of this satisfaction is having the poker rooms that use it be able to offer their poker players the most stable software platform out there. This means that players don’t have to wait for hands, or get disconnected, or see things crashed, or other such problems that can occur.

It does mean that players can also find and access the exact tables they want, quickly and efficiently, and this means more profit for the poker rooms and more satisfaction for poker players. Titan Poker, being one of the largest poker rooms in the world, has always had exacting standards for everything, including being able to utilize the most playable software out there. So you can rest assured that this is all set out to benefit you, the player, as much as possible.

Titan Poker And Playtech Have Never Been Satisfied Though

In spite of having one of the best performing poker software platforms in the industry, Titan Poker and Playtech have never been looking to rest on their laurels. So not long ago they put together a major upgrade, which not only ended up modernizing the look and feel of their poker software, they also made it even more user friendly.

While the graphics still aren’t as flashy as some poker sites offer, once again the trick is to look to spice that up without interfering with the overall performance of things. It’s easy to get this wrong and often challenging to get this right, but Titan and Playtech aren’t about making compromises here.

Titan Poker’s New Software Upgrade Really Ramps Things Up

So their latest poker software is both more pleasing to the eye and is even more high performance as well. It’s also even more user friendly. One of the things I really like about this is that it remembers what I like from session to session. Instead of having to set the filters every time, like you have to do at most poker sites, at Titan Poker, you just set it and forget it.

So each time you log in, you only see the tables and games that you like. If you want or need to make changes, you can easily turn the filters off, to perhaps check out some different action, and then turn them back on again later with any new adjustments that you want to make.

This is all about not requiring players to fiddle around to find what they want, and the software at Titan Poker does a beautiful job at this. Once you get to playing, you will find that the look of the software has been enhanced, and the playability of it remains very good.

Clean, Crisp, and Easy

If you have played at Titan Poker before their most recent update, you may have felt that the tables were a little too cluttered with player avatars and such. This has now become much more streamlined, with smaller avatars and a much better selection of avatars to pick among, which does make things look a lot more cleaner.

Screenshot of a Titan Poker TableThere is also a number of additional settings that you can use to tweak things just the way you like it. You can even turn the avatars off, although things are set up now so they don’t get in the way anymore, and this just makes the boxes empty. Having them on can help you remember players better, and there’s no real disadvantage to having them on now, so unlike many other sites where they can be distracting, this is the case no more at Titan Poker.

The action buttons have never been a big issue as they continue to be pretty easy to use. I’d still like to see a little better slider for pot limit and no limit, but what they do offer you here is still not too bad. I really like the half and three quarter pot buttons though, which not all poker sites have.

Overall, the playability is well above average, and players will find that they can quickly get used to the interface and will end up really enjoying playing with this software in very little time.

A Fair And Secure Deal, Every Time

Players often wonder whether or not a poker room’s shuffle is up to snuff, meaning at least as random as a real deck of cards. The best poker sites have their shuffle programs independently verified, to make sure that players are getting the most fair shuffle possible.

Titan Poker Software is SecureTitan Poker’s random number generator is state of the art and is much more random than a real deck. They also have it tested and certified regularly by one of the most trusted verification companies in the world. So when you play at Titan Poker, there’s no need at all to concern yourself about whether you are getting a fair deal, because that’s what you get every time.

You also need not worry about players cheating the system, as Titan Poker also utilizes the best software out there to prevent this. Those players looking to collude or otherwise cheat the game are quickly rooted out and dealt with. At some sites you wonder how strict they enforce this, but at Titan Poker, this has always been a top priority and they go all out to ensure that their players are given a completely fair platform to play online poker on.

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