Titan Poker Give You A New Goal This Summer

Written by George on

This summer is going to be a great one for football fans but it can be a brilliant one for poker players as well. If you are a poker player that loves football, you want to get yourself on to the Titan Poker site this summer because the site is indulging in two of its favourite things. It seems as though Titan Poker loves football almost, but not quite, as much as they love poker, so you can rest assured that the site is getting worked up into a frenzy over the World Cup.

Titan Poker Freeroll Goooaaalll Series

The site aims to give away plenty of free cash and a lot of Twister Tokens at the time of the big tournament. There will be a prize pool on offer and the prize pool will grow every time a goal is scored in Brazil. Not only will you be cheering when the ball hits the back of the net because it is great for excitement at the game, it is great for poker players. Every time a goal is scored in a match, the prize pool for the following week will be boosted by a sum of money ranging between €100 and €500!

The more goals fly in, the more money is up for grabs

The site cites the example of 20 goals being scored during week one of the World Cup which will leading to the €2,000 being added to the Freeroll Goooaaalll Series. This is in addition to a range of Twister Tokens and cash prizes on offer so there will be plenty to cheer on in the next few weeks. The site has always been fairly handy with their promotions, as the Titan Poker bonus code proves, but this promotion is going to add a lot more excitement to the World Cup for poker players.

To get in the right position to take advantage of this promotion, all you need to do is deposit a minimum of €10 in the qualification period. This will grant you access to one of the events but if you are keen to give yourself the best chance of being a winner, deposit at least €50 and you will be granted access to all 5 of the events.

There is going to be €20,000 on offer in Guaranteed cash and Twister Tokens and if the goals rain down in Brazil, there will be even more on offer. The qualification periods you want to look out for run between the 1st and 15th of June, the 16th and 22nd, the 23 and 29th, the 30th of June and the 6th of July and then finally the 7th and 13th of July.

All of the tournaments will be played out on Monday nights so the dates for your diary are 16th of June, 23rd of June, 30th of June, 7th of July and 14th of July. All of these tournaments start at 7pm (GMT+1). Twister Tokens will be supplied within 24 hours of the conclusion for the tournament and cash prizes will be handed out within 72 hours of the promotion concluding. The cash bonuses are going to be valid for a period of 60 days from the date they are issued and if they are not used in that time, they will expire.