Titan Bet Offering Free Bets For Group Game Gamblers

Written by George on

One of the most interesting things about the World Cup is finding an interest in every game. Maybe you visited one of the countries on holiday or perhaps the national strip of one of the teams is similar to the strip of the football team you support. There is a good reason to take an interest in every game at the World Cup but in recent years, there have been huge reasons. Fantasy Football tournaments and individual match betting has definitely created the platform for you to take an interest in every single game and this is something that Titan Bet is looking to provide to players.

Titan Bet Dash of the Titans

There are 48 group games in the 2014 World Cup and the big promotion runs on placing 48 single bets, of at least £1, on the match result of every match, in what is being billed as the Dash of the Titans promotion. This is a 12X bet and the punter that makes the most correct predictions over the course of the group stages will win a massive prize. There is a leader board promotion on offer at Titan Bet and there will be £8,000 worth of free bet prizes on offer to the players that finish between 2nd and 20th on the leader board.

The Titan Bet site is one of the best sports betting sites around, as the Titan Bet review indicates, but this promotion is going to add a new level of excitement and drama to the tournament. If you think you have great skills in predicting the outcome of football matches, this is going to be the betting promotion that is perfect for your needs.

Make sure to enter the dash code and then play to victory

To get involved with the promotion, be sure to enter the ‘dash’ promo code and then place all of your bets (of at least £1) before 6pm GMT on the 12th of June. This means you have to place all of your group game bets before the World Cup begins so get checking out the group games and start working out what you think is going to happen in all of the group games. All of the bets made for this promotion have to be cash bets, any bets that are made with bonus funds or through a free bet will not be counted with respect to the promotion.

The fact that it will cost close to £50 to take part in this promotion will be a big issue for most players but there player that comes out on top of the leader board will be in line to grab £7,000. The 2nd prize offers up £2,500 and then the 3rd prize is £1,000. The prize then steps down at £100 levels until it reaches the 9th position when £200 becomes the prize level for all the players ranked 9th to 14th. For players that are ranked 15th to 20th, there is £100 on offer.