Catch The Thief With Titan Bingo

Written by George on

No one likes a thief but given the chance to catch a thief, not too many of us would take the opportunity to apprehend one. There may be a risk or danger in trying to catch a thief and even though we know that it is the right thing to do, it is something that many of us would shy away from. This is where Titan Bingo is giving us the chance to be a hero without putting ourselves at any risk.

Titan Bingo Catch the Thief

Sadly, the Titan Bingo jackpot has been stolen but you can play a big role in getting the money back and ensuring a safe and swift return for the cash. This is a promotion that is open to new and existing players on the site so everyone can get involved with the hunt to track down who stole the £1,000 jackpot. The premise for the hunt was a Titan Bingo Gala event and there is video footage on site that you’ll need to watch for clues.

Once you watch the video footage, you get to make your suggestion as to who stole the jackpot money and you’ll be entered into a raffle for the big cash prize. The Bingo Bunch are all under suspicion and you should make your selection from one of the following suspect, Charlotte, Isha, Dexter, Emily, Sophia or Betsy and Bob. This is a little bit of additional fun on top of the usual activity and entertainment on offer from Titan Bingo so if you fancy a change of pace, this is definitely going to be the site that is right for you.

The promotion ends on the 10th of July and then the winner will be announced alongside the naming and shaming of the criminal. It is never a good thing to see someone turn to a life of crime but the criminal activities of one of the Bingo Bunch will turn out to be rather lucrative for one Titan Bingo player.

Get in the raffle for bingo fun

The big raffle is one of the big attractions on the Titan Bingo site at the moment but it is far from being the only thing that is taking place on the site at the moment. There is a wide range of promotions and activities on offer featuring the Bingo Bunch, which means that there will be plenty of opportunities for players to be a winner with Titan Bingo. The site is offering up a rather attractive welcome package at the moment to new players, which could see you grab up to £40 as your bonus.

This is a great starting point but it is the chance to hunt down a criminal and take their loot from them that will be the most appealing element for players on the Titan Bingo site. Given that the site comes from the Titan brand, you know you are in for a lot of fun backed up by a very responsible brand. No one likes a thief so why not see if you can help Titan Bingo reclaim the jackpot prize that was taken from them.