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Titan Poker Has A Great Selection Of Poker Games

Regardless of what form of poker that you enjoy, you’re definitely bound to find it at Titan Poker, one of the world’s most popular and favorite poker sites. Having a great selection of all of the popular variations of poker is only part of what is needed though, as many other sites have this, albeit not as wide a selection as Titan Poker mind you, but they may only feature enough traffic at only a small number of them.

So in this case, having variations that no one really plays, or not enough people play to make it even worth looking at, doesn’t do anyone any good. Titan Poker has the second highest poker traffic count in the world, but even better, it is very well spread out across a great number of different forms of poker. So that’s a perfect situation for all of us regardless of whatever we like to play.

There Are A Lot Of Categories As Far As Poker Variety Goes

Titan Poker LogoWhen poker players think of variety, they usually think of things like game types, such as Texas Holdem or Omaha, or major game types such as cash games, sit and go’s, and tournaments. However, there’s a lot more variety out there than this, and when we stop to think of it, most of us have some pretty narrow preferences as far as what we like to play.

So the first major distinction that we need to consider is what game we want to play, which almost always means Texas Holdem or Omaha. Almost all online poker involves playing Texas Holdem, although Omaha has really grown in popularity over the last few years.

It’s not always easy to find a lot of Omaha action at a poker site even these days, and while there is the usual huge selection of Texas Holdem games, there’s also tons of Omaha played at Titan Poker, so Omaha lovers are in for a real treat here.

If you’ve never played Omaha before, you might be a little intimidated or overwhelmed at having to learn a new game, and especially looking to play it for real money. However, it’s very similar to Texas Holdem, with only a few differences, but one of the biggest differences is how much softer the competition is at Omaha. So it may very well be worth your while to learn, and once you have, you will love the easy competition that Titan Poker offers you at this game.

Titan Poker also offers a decent amount of Stud, which is a game that has really declined in popularity these days, and isn’t that easy to find elsewhere. However, if you enjoy Seven Card Stud, you’ll have no trouble at all finding it at Titan Poker.

Titan Poker Cash Games

Titan Poker Cash GamesThere are, of course, three main formats of poker, which are cash, sit and go tournaments, and scheduled tournaments. Cash games have always been very popular, as they offer players instant gratification as far as money won, where if you win a pot you keep all of the money you win. The chips are therefore real, and this also offers you the advantage of coming and going as you please, and not having to stay for a given period of time, like a tournament requires you to do.

Titan Poker of course has a very wide and diverse selection of cash tables, and all you have to do is choose what you want to play and then grab a seat at one of their many tables. Unlike some poker sites, they don’t have long waiting lists at the better tables, where the only ones you can have a good chance of getting a seat at are the tougher ones.

At Titan, it’s no trouble at all getting a seat at the juiciest of their tables, instead of waiting until all the fish are gone with the only people left being fellow sharks from the waiting list. This of course is a huge advantage, and since there are a lot less good players like ourselves who play at Titan Poker compared to some other sites, there’s more fish to go around as well.

Cash game players have many choices available, including the size of the table, which generally are either heads up, 6 players, or 9 players. There is also the choice of game types, which are once again Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Stud, different betting structures, which are fixed, pot limit, and no limit, and choice of stake level, ranging from one and two cent blinds all the way up to the higher stakes. Whatever you want to play as far as cash game poker goes, Titan Poker has it for you and has tables waiting for you to play at right now.

Titan Poker Sit And Go Tournaments

Sit and go tournaments can be both a lot of fun and very profitable. They have the advantage of not having to wait for tournaments to start like scheduled tournaments run, and also get over a lot quicker than scheduled tournaments do, which can run for several hours depending on how far you go in it.

Titan Poker Sit And Go

Sit and go tournaments generally take between 15 and 45 minutes on average. Most sit and go’s run on a single table, although some do run several tables, although they still get over fairly quickly. There are plenty of sit and go’s at Titan Poker for all the major game types, which include Holdem, Omaha Hi, and Omaha Hi/Lo.

Titan Poker also features Jackpot Sit and Go’s, which allow players to win a huge amount of money with relatively small buy ins. For just $5 + $1, if you can finish either first or second in 5 tournaments in a row, you earn an extra $200 on top of your regular winnings. However, if you win 5 of these single table tournaments in a row, you walk away with a whopping extra $15,000.

Sit and go tournaments are lucrative enough in themselves though, and many players play them exclusively, and some like myself even play them for a living. Sit and go tournaments have the lowest variance by far among poker game types, meaning that you see a lot smaller swings in your bankroll than at other forms. This is something that a lot of players really like, and with good reason.

Buy ins at sit and go tournaments at Titan Poker range anywhere from $0.10 + $0.02 all the way up to $5000 + $200, so there’s stakes here for everyone. Newer players to sit and go’s or those with small bankrolls will especially like the small stakes that are offered here, where the minimum buy in at other sites is generally $1 + $0.20, where at Titan you can buy in for a tenth of that, making your money go ten times further as you learn the game and only move up to the higher stakes when you are ready.

As far as stakes higher than this go, a lot of sites list tables that go up pretty far in stakes with their sit and go’s, but no one really plays them, so they might as well not even have those tables listed. At Titan Poker, while the traffic does thin out the higher you go, people actually play these higher stakes. Needless to say, that’s a big advantage if you either play higher stakes now or are hoping to move up to them at some point, which we all should be hoping for by the way.

Sit Win GoSpeaking of moving up, the softer competition that you find at Titan Poker will allow you to move up the stakes much faster than can be accomplished at many other poker sites. It’s not just about being better than average at a given stake, it’s about how much better than average that you are.

So with weaker competition, your earn rate will be higher, and you therefore will move up faster. Plus, the competition at the next higher stake will be weaker as well. So this is not only a beautiful situation here at Titan, it’s one that you really need.

As far as formats go, Titan Poker also offers its players a wide selection of different table sizes and blind speeds. All of this is selectable in Titan Poker’s excellent search function, where you just tell it exactly what you want and then it instantly displays all of the tables that fit your criteria. It even remembers your preferences from session to session, and you simply change it when your preferences change.

Titan Poker Scheduled Tournaments

Titan Poker Scheduled Tournaments

Finally, we have the third major poker format, which are scheduled tournaments. This is where the big money is played for and won. Nothing beats the excitement of big poker tournaments, where you look to survive by outplaying and outlasting your opponents and rake in some truly huge cash prizes.

Nothing can match scheduled tournaments as far as entertainment value. It’s simply a lot more fun to compete in big tournaments than it is playing any other form of poker. This is the main reason why poker tournaments are by far the most popular form of poker played online.

Scheduled tournaments also attract a lot more fish than other forms, especially since almost all of the poker you see on TV is of this type. So people see that and want to play this form of poker as well. Players also see tremendous value in the very high buy in to top prize ratio that scheduled tournaments offer.

Titan Poker $150K GuaranteedLike other forms of poker, Titan Poker offers a very extensive selection of scheduled tournaments, which run all throughout the day and night. Buy ins range from free right up to the big $150,000 weekly tournament, which costs $200 + $15 to buy in directly, although there are many other ways to get involved by winning your seat through their many satellite tournaments to it.

There are also several other big guaranteed tournaments, as well as a bevy of other guaranteed tournaments around the clock. New depositors get a total of four free entries to their weekly $2500 new depositors freerolls, featuring small fields and very high chances to win real money at.

What stands out the most as far as Titan Poker’s scheduled tournaments go is how easy it is to do well at them compared to any other poker site. I have played scheduled tournaments at all of the popular poker sites over the years, and there’s no comparison here at all. It’s so much easier to do well at Titan’s that I wouldn’t even consider playing them anywhere else.

Even if you prefer other game types, it’s always loads of fun to play these tournaments. I mostly play sit and go’s myself, but still always play a few scheduled tournaments here and there because they are so enjoyable.

If You’ve Never Tried Titan Poker Before, Now’s Definitely The Time

Excellent game variety and selection is just one of many reasons to try out Titan Poker if you haven’t already. If you have, then you already know how great this site is, although if you haven’t played there for awhile, you are going to be in for a very pleasant surprise as far as how much better they have made it for players lately.

Every aspect of your experience at Titan Poker has been ramped up, where they have gone from one of the very best poker sites in the world to arguably the very best out the now. Don’t just take my word for it though, as you owe it to yourself to find out just how good they are.

So they are putting their money where their mouths are here and will be paying you very well in bonus money, giving you double your initial deposit up to a total of $2000 in free money to pay you to try them out. With this much money on the line just to do what you are doing now, playing poker, and no one really knowing how much longer this great deal will last, you don‘t want to miss out on this.