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The Problems With Finding Good Poker Sites

The problem with popular poker rooms is that they tend to attract a lot of experienced and skilled poker players. Since the goal of poker is to win money from your opponents, the better that your opponents tend to be on average, the less likely that you’ll be able to do well there. So this is not a good thing generally.

On the other hand, there are plenty of poker rooms out there who are well off the beaten path, meaning hardly any poker players of any repute are that familiar with them, so what traffic they do have tend to be very casual players who aren’t very good at the game.

While these are exactly the players that we want to play against, since they are the most profitable, we also need to see enough action at these sites to make it worth playing there. Poker sites which only have a bit of action at the lowest stakes and none higher than that are pretty much worthless.

It’s Not Even About Being Good Enough

Titan Poker is the Best

I’ve been a professional poker player for many years, and without mentioning any names, there are sites out there which I refuse to play at, which are some very popular poker sites. This isn’t because I’m not good enough to beat the players there. I have no trouble doing that.

It’s because the players at these sites are on average pretty decent and don’t lose that much money on hands. I’d much rather play against idiots who will play badly and give me a lot more money per hour. They are easy to read, and they make a lot of stupid mistakes. They let you pound them and don’t know how to stop you. That’s my kind of game, and I know it’s yours as well.

I also like to play at a poker site which is very well known for their great all around operations, poker sites that know what they are doing and have proven themselves year in and year out to be among the premiere places to play poker online.

So most people think that you can’t have both, a great poker site which also offers you the opportunity to play against a lot of fish. Well I’m here to tell you that there are such places out there, and among them, my favorite is Titan Poker.

The Game Has Really Changed

In the earlier days of online poker, it truly used to be a bonanza of fish. They used to call the game no foldem holdem, since players didn’t do much folding back then. I used to run an online poker school and while I did provide some advanced lessons, all I had to do in order to teach players to be winners is to get them to play tight and aggressive.

So opponents would be playing all sorts of garbage, my students would be playing real hands, and they ended up raking in all the money. As time went on though, players caught on and started playing tighter and tighter.

Eventually at a lot of places you would see games turning into blind stealing fests with things so tight that only the poker rooms would make money from the rake. I know many online pros who got to the point where even they couldn’t beat the games anymore and had to resort to playing 16 or 24 tables at a time to look to eek out a living from frequent player points.

This has never been anything that has appealed to me though, and I’ve always played at the best poker rooms out there, even way back in the old days, since poker room selection is by far the most important thing. The higher the profitability of a poker room, the better you do, period.

Poker Networks Are Where It’s At These Days

Titan Poker Network

Poker networks are a great idea as an anecdote to the usual super tight play that you see at some of the bigger poker sites out there generally. There has always been a lot of small, struggling poker rooms out there, who feature very fishy players but don’t really get enough traffic to bother with.

So a few years ago, someone had an idea to allow these smaller rooms to combine their players into a network. So now you had dozens of these small poker rooms, and when you added up all their traffic, it ended up being a big amount, rivaling some of the very biggest poker rooms around in fact.

Titan Poker Offers You The Best Of Both Worlds

However, a lot of players don’t feel comfortable playing at unknown sites which lack the stellar reputation that the top poker sites have. So that’s the real beauty of Titan Poker. By itself, not even counting the network traffic provided by all of the smaller rooms that it teams up with, it is among the largest poker rooms out there.

Titan Poker Logo

Titan Poker joined the iPoker Network as just another poker room a few years back, but it didn’t take them long to work themselves up to the top poker room by far on this network, which also happens to be the world’s largest poker network these days, and second in traffic volume overall in the world.

The reason behind this is that the ownership and management of Titan Poker has been so stellar. They know exactly what poker players want, and what makes them happy and coming back for more. Their player retention is outstanding in fact, which is how they went from a startup poker room with no players just a few short years ago to the huge operation they have now.

So with Titan Poker, you get the top rated poker site that you need, along with the big schools of fish that you need as well, which are provided by all of the smaller poker rooms on the network with them. So this really is the best of both worlds.

Titan Poker’s Huge Welcome Bonus

If you’ve never had a real money account at Titan Poker, we have a real treat in store for you. If you are looking for a big poker bonus, you have definitely found it here. I’ve arranged for them to double your initial deposit in bonus money, up to a total of $2,000 in free bonus money.

So for instance, if you have $100 to deposit, Titan Poker will add $200 of their money to this, giving you a total of $300. That doesn’t even include the profits that you’ll be making at the table. So who knows how much cash you will have in your account after you’ve tried them out and received your full bonus allotment.

So as you try them out, you accumulate points, and every time you collect 250 points, Titan Poker automatically pays you $5 into your poker account, until you have collected every bit that you have coming to you. Of course, the more you deposit initially, the more you get in the end, up to the maximum of $2,000.

You don’t even have to remember or enter in a Titan Poker bonus code (but if you insist I suggest you use PBC2000), since I’ve arranged for you to collect this whopping bonus just for visiting Titan Poker through my special link to them. So all you have to do is make sure you visit them through it and they will know that you are a friend of mine and then hook you up with all the good stuff.

Titan Poker’s New Player Tables And Tournaments

One of the things that I’ve always liked the most about how Titan Poker treats its new players is their exclusive new player tables and tournaments. These are limited to those players who have joined Titan Poker in the last 90 days. So you don’t have to be newer to poker of course, but the players who hang out at these beginner tables and tournaments are the fishiest that you’d ever see anywhere.

So what that means is that for a full 90 days you can really clean up at these games, providing your bankroll with an even bigger boost, a lot bigger boost in fact. If you are truly new to the game, this allows you to get your feet wet against some really bad players, and if you are experienced, well I’m sure you’ll enjoy the spanking you’ll be laying on these newbies.

Titan Poker Has Even More In Store For New Depositors

Titan Poker has some very juicy new depositor tournaments in store for you as well, where you get 4 free tokens to play in 4 separate $2,500 new depositor freerolls, for a total of $10,000 worth of free tournaments. These tournaments have much smaller fields than regular freerolls, so your chances of taking home some real loot here go way up.

Titan Poker also has a special race for new depositors, with another $3,000 in prize money on the line. Players compete with each other on a leaderboard over time, where the more raked hands you play on the beginners tables, the more points you get, and the more prize money you earn.

Titan Poker also awards you with 10,000 gold coins just for making your first deposit with them. There are other ways to earn more, for instance you get 40,000 for referring a friend, and there are many other accomplishments that they reward. These coins can then be traded in for great prizes.

Titan Poker Also Fights Hard To Keep Your Business

Titan Poker VIP Club

Titan Poker already had one of the very best VIP programs out there, good enough to keep their players very happy, but they weren’t satisfied with that, so they recently really ramped things up.

Since they have spent so much money on you with bonuses and other rewards, which are the best in the industry, they don’t want to end up losing you later to higher rewards somewhere else, so they once again have shown how important your business is to them by paying you even more for playing there.

It doesn’t stop there though. Titan Poker has a long list of other promotions where they put up even more of their money to make you as happy as they can. These promotions aren’t only a way to get extra poker cash, they are a lot of fun as well. A big part of the enjoyment of poker is how much fun it is to play at a poker site, and Titan Poker wants to be the king here, and they indeed deliver on this.

Titan Poker Takes Care Of You Every Step Of The Way

Titan Poker has once again been awarded the top customer service award, for the third year in a row. How well you are taken care of is a big thing, and no one does it better than Titan Poker. Their 24/7 live chat is the best around, where their helpful agents are just a moment away any time you need assistance.

It’s also as easy as it can be to make deposits and withdrawals at Titan Poker, and once again, their people are ready to assist you should you require it. Titan Poker understands how important all of this is, and they prove it.

Titan Poker’s Software

Titan Poker uses one of the best poker software platforms out there, provided by Playtech, a leader in online gaming software. It’s pleasant to look at, and even easier to use. Tell it what games you like and it remembers it each time you log in, which is one of the things I really like about it.

Their security software is also top notch, and you never hear about cheaters on here. Their shuffler is also state of the art, and is regularly tested by the world’s most respected third party testing companies, to ensure that players always have the peace of mind of knowing that every card dealt is done randomly and fairly.

Unfortunately, Titan Poker doesn’t provide a Mac version of their software, meaning Mac users will either have to use the Titan Poker no download version, or use a Windows emulator to be able to play poker.

This Is Simply An Awesome Poker Site

When you look at everything that Titan Poker has to offer, from their award winning management, to their fishy and profitable player base, to their large traffic, to their huge bonuses and rewards, to their customer service and software, it’s easy to see why this is my favorite poker room on the internet.

I love giving people valuable tips about online poker and you won’t get a better one than being shown the best places to play poker online. So this is my top recommendation to you and I know you will really enjoy playing at Titan. So check them out and be sure to collect your bonus money just for doing so.