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Speed Poker Is Fast Becoming A Very Popular Poker Format

The concept of speed poker has been around for a little while now, first emerging at Full Tilt Poker prior to their being shut down. They called it Rush Poker, and it did provide more of a rush than normal poker.

Poker Stars then came out with their own version of this quicker poker format, called Zoom Poker. For players craving faster action, it was definitely a step up from normal poker as well.

These two poker sites, Poker Stars, and Full Tilt Poker back in the days when it was up and running, always attracted the best poker players on the internet. This might sound pretty good, but in reality it makes these poker sites very unattractive to us, regardless of how good our skills may be.

It’s Always About Where You Play Though

Titan Poker Speed Poker

So even though a faster format may be desirable to a lot of players, and even though Rush Poker or Zoom Poker attracts a fishier type of player than regular tables do, these two formats were way too tough for our own liking. We strongly prefer to play at poker sites which offer weaker competition, and in fact there’s a good reason why we preach this so much, as there is nothing more important than playing against weaker players.

So this is one of the big reasons why Titan Poker is our favorite online poker site, since it does deliver the kind of competition that impacts results. Compared to the tough sites like Poker Stars and the former Full Tilt, many players who lose money at these sites, which just about all players do, have been shown to win handsomely when they switch to Titan Poker.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all the players at Titan Poker are winning players, as it’s always the case that some people have to lose, because that’s where the winning players get their money. The big thing here is how easy or hard it is to beat the losers at a site, and at Titan, it doesn’t really get any easier.

Titan Comes Up With Its Own Version Of Speed Poker

The people at Titan were quick to notice the growing popularity of these faster formats of poker, and since they are dedicated to making their players’ experiences with them as satisfying and enjoyable as they can, this plus their strong commitment to offering as much variety as they can led them to create their own version of speed poker, appropriately called Speed Poker.

So if you like to play more hands per hour, and also want to do it more conveniently and easily than playing a bunch of tables at once, then Speed Poker may be for you. This is definitely a nice alternative to multi tabling, and like regular poker, you aren’t just limited to just one Speed Poker table either.

It won’t take many of these to fully occupy you though, that’s for sure. Titan Poker does allow you to play a total of 4 Speed Poker tables at once, and given that the action is much faster at these, you’ll be able to bend your mind if you want with the speed of the action playing this many at once.

How Titan’s Speed Poker Works

The first step in playing Speed Poker is to select the type of game you want to play. Titan Poker offers Speed Poker in both Texas Holdem and Omaha formats, and although Omaha is less popular, there still are a lot of Omaha players at Titan Poker, particularly due to their large player base and heavy poker traffic.

Titan Speed Poker

Then you choose the stakes you want to play, choose how much money that you want to bring to the table, and then click “join now.” You will then be taken to a table. If you wish to play more than one Speed Poker table at the same time, you simply repeat the process.

Speed Poker is played at one table at a time, but the difference is that whenever you fold, you are instantly moved to another table, instead of having to wait for the hand to end in order for a new hand to be dealt. You don’t even have to wait for your turn to act to fold and move on, as you can use the Speed Fold button to fold anytime.

Speed Poker Makes Lots Of Action More Manageable

Playing many tables at once isn’t a new concept of course, but many players find this to be fairly challenging to even play a few well. Those who play many tables at once are often forced to make hasty decisions and may even get timed out of hands at times.

The problem with traditional multi tabling is that your attention is divided across the entire amount of tables that you are playing, which at the very least adds stress to your play. Players have long yearned for software that allowed them to better manage their multi tabling, so the concept of Speed Poker actively managing many tables for them is a welcome improvement.

Speed Poker manages your experience entirely for you, where you are moved from table to table automatically and all you need to do is pay attention to the action and you will get a lot more hands in without having to constantly keep diverting your attention. So it’s really a much easier way to multi table to be sure, which is why it has caught on so much.

With So Many Opponents, There’s Less Player Reading Going On

Any time you are playing more than one table, the disadvantage is that you can’t watch your opponents as well in order to make the best decisions against them based upon their tendencies. If you use poker tracking software, this can be very helpful, as the tables stay up, allowing these programs to track the players playing at all of them.

With Speed Poker, the availability of this information is much more limited, as you can only track hands that are completed, whether that be by a poker tracking program or simply by watching and gathering your own information.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you don’t use software like this and therefore would be at a disadvantage normally against players who do use it. Or perhaps you do have it but haven’t really figured out how to use these stats to your best advantage yet. Or perhaps you just aren’t that good of a hand reader and your opponents may be better at it than you are.

A much smaller percentage of players use tracking software at Titan Poker than at the sites which feature tougher and more sophisticated players, and the players at Titan are also less skilled at hand reading and adapting to an opponent’s style. However, with Speed Poker, you really don’t have to worry about that stuff as it serves to level the playing field here anyway, where no one has much information available to them no matter how good they may be at using this knowledge.

So it’s just you against the other players, and there are many of them, so this is particularly helpful if you aren’t a winning player yet and want to work more on the fundamentals of the game. It’s not for more sophisticated players, and although there aren’t that many of this skill level that play at Titan anyway, you won’t see them here, which is a definite benefit.

It’s Good To Look To Be Well Rounded Though

While I do recommend Speed Poker to my students, to provide a high speed way to get accustomed to making good poker decisions, I do feel that players, even newer ones, should also play regular tables, and particular, one regular table at a time.

It’s fine to look to add some multi tabling in, but at the same time, if you are not a winning player at a single table yet, you certainly won’t be one playing more than one table. All this will accomplish is to simply increase your losses per hour.

At the same time though, there’s definitely something to be said about accelerating part of this learning, and in fact, starting out with a single Speed Poker table is perfect for this. You’re only playing one table, but you are playing a lot more hands per hour, which is exactly what you need.

So this is why I feel so strongly about Speed Poker as an educational tool, although it of course makes poker much more interesting to those who lack the sophisticated level of thinking that very accomplished poker players have. For instance, I never play more than one table, because there’s a lot going on all of the time that captures my interest.

That’s not going to be the case for you until you at least get very good at the game and climb up the stakes well past anything that Speed Poker offers. So in the mean time, it’s not good to become bored and I feel that Speed Poker would be a very nice way to make online poker more fun for most players.

Titan Adds To The Fun Of Speed Poker With Some Nice Extra Cash

Titan Poker regularly looks to ramp up the excitement of the various poker formats that it offers, and Speed Poker lovers are now included in these extra cash giveaways. Titan Poker currently offers its Lord Of The Grind promotion, where Speed Poker players now compete for an extra prize pool of up to $850 a month. That’s not $850 a month total, it’s $850 a month available per player, if they are up for the challenge.

Lord of the GrindThere are four different levels of difficulty offered by the Lord Of The Grind. So you need to select the particular quest that you feel that you are up to, with more difficult quests providing higher cash awards.

If you choose Level 1, the easiest level, and you get at least 60 points a day for 15 straight days, you earn $5 cash plus a $25 bonus. If you can manage to extend this to 20 days, you instead receive $10 cash plus $40 in bonus money. Level 2 requires you to get 150 points, and if you do this for 15 days you get $10 cash plus a $50 bonus, and get $20 cash and a $80 bonus instead if you extend this to 20 days.

If you feel that you are up for a greater challenge, then things get even more lucrative with the 2 highest levels. Level 3 requires you to get 400 points a day, and for doing this for 15 days straight you get $30 cash plus $150 bonus, and for 20 days in a row you instead get $50 cash plus $200 in bonus money.

With Level 4, the ultimate challenge, you need to collect 1500 points a day, so only the busiest players need apply for this one. However, the prizes are definitely worthy of this quest, where you get $100 cash and $500 in bonus for 15 days, and $150 cash plus $700 in bonus cash for doing it for 20 days.

Speed Poker Is Just One Of Many Great Reasons To Try Titan Poker

In our opinion, Speed Poker at Titan is the only viable version of quick format no wait poker out there on the internet right now. You could play Zoom Poker at Poker Stars but unless you are a glutton for punishment then that’s not a good idea.

Titan Poker LogoThe games at Poker Stars are so tight these days that only the poker room makes money, as the margins are so thin for even expert players that the best you can do is make back the rake you pay. If and when Full Tilt ever gets back up, the same will hold true for that site.

So if you want to play speed poker, Titan Poker is by far the poker site of choice to play it at. That holds true for playing poker period for that matter. No one has such a great array of benefits than Titan Poker, which has been and remains our poker room of choice for our own play. We want the best for us, and we also wish the best for you, so that’s why we are recommending it here.

So you are welcome to try them out if you haven’t already by visiting them through our link and collecting the big bonus that they are saving for you just for doing so. Cheers and best of luck!