Choosing Game Types With Cash Poker At Titan

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What Do You Like To Play?

Titan Poker Cash GamesThe first thing that comes to mind whenever people ask me about which game types would suit them the best is to ask them which types they enjoy playing the most. There probably isn’t anything as important as making sure that you enjoy playing whatever game type you choose.

This isn’t the only consideration, but it’s certainly a big one. First of all, part of the appeal of online poker is the amount of fun you can have playing it. There are countless players who do poorly at online poker, yet they just keep playing. The reason why they just keep playing is simply because it is so enjoyable. The money they lose is secondary.

Of course we want the best of both worlds, to have fun and to also do well, but the two are pretty interconnected. If you turn out to be a good heads up player, better than you are we’ll say than with playing other formats, but you hate heads up and it just causes you to stress too much all of the time, this disenchantment won’t just make you unhappy, it will affect your results as well.

Before too long the frustration this is causing you will affect your results, and probably will do so more and more as you press on, and before too long this might be the worst choice instead of the best one for producing good results for you. So in an effort to help yourself you just end up hurting yourself by making what turn out in the end to be some bad choices here, not better ones.

What You Are Good At Does Matter As Well Though

Perhaps you love Omaha, but are simply terrible at it. Well you do need to realize that you may be a new player and, like every other game, you have to master if first before you can become proficient at it.

So if you really do enjoy it, then you may have more than enough interest to want to persevere and put in the time and effort that it takes to bring your results up to what is satisfactory or better for you. That takes the potential negative of your current skill level and together with the increased interest in the particular form of poker, ends up turning it into a positive.

This was the case for me with heads up, and in spite of being a very good ring game player, I found myself struggling against the really good heads up players at first. The one thing about heads up is that when an opponent is better than you, he or she can kick you like a dog, and it’s often tough on the ego.

So I didn’t take that lightly at all but I understood that I really lacked the experience at this game and just needed to figure out how to handle and beat these players. So that’s exactly what I did, and eventually I was the one kicking them around.

It also turned out that once I started to understand this form of poker properly, as a true thinking player, I turned out to be better at it than in ring games. So with all of that together this has become by far my favorite type of poker to play. I always preferred to play one table at a time and really get into the heads of the other players, and this format was perfect for that, as the level of depth that you can achieve in analyzing opponents in heads up poker is unmatched, and in fact no other format even comes close.

Playing To Your Strengths

So this was a case of my knowing my strengths and ultimately choosing the game that most closely matched these strengths. I absolutely hate dividing my attention across multiple tables and feel pretty out of touch with what is really going on when I do that, even with using tracking software and having a lot of hands on opponents.

Perhaps you are the opposite though and love the thrills of a ton of action going on at a bunch of tables at the same time. Perhaps you are also good at this, as many players are, especially the younger crowd. I started playing poker seriously in the 1970’s, and it wasn’t until 25 years later that online poker was even invented. So I’m used to one table at a time and also really suck at multi-tasking.

A lot of today’s players though can not only play several tables at once well, they can also be doing something else like chatting on the internet or their phones and such, and it doesn’t really bother them. If I could do that as easily and be even somewhat close to being as good a poker player as I am at one table, I would do this too.

If you suck at multi-tabling though, it would be foolish to try to do it just because it’s a kick, unless you are satisfied with the less than ideal results that this may bring. Keep in mind that the goal here, the only goal that makes sense actually, is to do what gives you the most pleasure overall.

Some players derive most of their pleasure playing poker based upon how much money they win, and some get most of their poker pleasure from the pure fun of gambling, and money won and lost will be a secondary consideration. So it all depends really on what your objective is, although one thing is for certain, and it’s that your results do matter at least somewhat to everyone, and better results are simply better.

So when you’re playing your cash poker games at Titan Poker, this is a great choice regardless, as it allows for these better results to happen regardless, due to the softer competition overall that you see here.

Trying Our Various Forms Of Cash Poker Is The Best Way To Learn About All This

Titan Poker LogoIf you haven’t tried something, then you will neither know how much you like it nor know how good you may be at it now or a little down the road when you gain more experience with it.

We all differ here significantly, and it really does come down to trial and error and learning what is right for you. I can tell you what games and formats I like to play at Titan Poker and what kinds I am best at, but this is my situation and yours will very likely be different.

So this is a mission of self discovery in a real sense, but it’s one that is thoroughly enjoyable when you take this journey at the best online poker site on the internet, Titan Poker.

They have a huge selection of different formats of poker to play and to try, and it’s just a matter of seeing which ones suit you best. Perhaps even several will become your favorites. It’s all up to you.

So whenever you’re ready and up for this journey, just click on one of our links to Titan Poker and you are on your way.