Grab Weekly Cash With Titan Poker

Written by George on

Titan Poker Weekly CashFor some online poker sites, the focus is all about the big promotion. These are the games and events where there is huge money involved and there is a lot of publicity to grab. These are important and they are responsible for bringing many poker players to a particular site. The thing is though, there are some poker players who are not too bothered about these major events. There are poker players who will be logging on to the site on a regular basis, regardless of the weather outside or what the promotion on the site provides. There is a hard core of online poker players that stick with sites no matter what, and it is crucial that poker sites recognise the importance of these players.

This is something that Titan Poker manages to do successfully. The site has a great reputation for looking after its players and you can see that their attention to detail is a great thing. If you prefer to get your head down to play poker when you have the time, as opposed to when the poker site tells you when you should play, you’ll appreciate what Titan Poker has to offer.

Play poker and pick up cash every week

As long as you opt in to the Weekly Cash promotion, you have the chance to bag up to $20 in cash, every single week. Players will earn $0.50 for every 50 Titan Points they manage to pick up, which will see them on their way to picking up a sizable cash bonus every single week. Knowing that you are going to receive a cash bonus every week just by playing on the site is a great comfort for any poker player. Being able to boost your bankroll is a major part of successful poker play, which is why it is helpful to find a poker site that goes out of its way to assist. This is why Titan Poker is such a big draw for so many players.

In order to fully utilise the bonus, players need to log into their accounts 7 days after the weekly cash bonus has been issued. A failure to do so and use the cash bonus in the time will see the bonus expire. So, you have a week to use your bonus up, but given that you will likely be on to ensure that you are collecting your next bonus, this shouldn’t be an issue for most Titan Poker players.