The Importance Of Selecting The Best Cash Poker Site

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It’s Very Important To Get Sound Independent Advice On Where To Play

Titan Poker Cash GamesI’ve been around the game of online poker since the early days, and in particular have had the pleasure of knowing many online poker players from my time coaching and especially from my recommending various poker sites to people.

I don’t have any association with Titan Poker by the way, if you go to their site then sure they are going to tell you that you should play there. Why wouldn’t they, it is their business to try their best to get you to play at their poker site. On the other hand, I can recommend whatever poker site I want to, freely and without prejudice, unless you count being prejudiced toward the welfare of my readers, which is certainly the case.

Over the years I’ve recommended a few different poker sites and with me it’s always been about what is best for you based upon my experience. This experience is gained not just from playing at Titan Poker since it first opened, a well as pretty much every other poker site out there past and present, it’s mostly from talking to players just like you and seeing how they do here compared to other places.

I have chosen to recommend Titan Poker for quite a while simply because it is that good of an online poker site. There’s a lot of people who will just throw a bunch of facts at you and talk about a bunch of poker sites and you’re pretty much left up to your own to decide these things. This isn’t why people have come to me over the years though, just to become as lost and often even more lost then they were before they came to my site.

So people ask me sometimes why I just talk about Titan Poker on my site, and the answer is that while there are several other good poker sites out there, I came to decide that I just want to point my readers toward the best one there is, and this is the one.

I Know You Care About Your Poker Results

I know that there are a lot of online players who simply don’t take the game of poker seriously at all. They are playing purely for entertainment it seems, although these players tend to do pretty poorly and I seriously wonder what is so entertaining about losing money over and over again at poker.

It’s not my place to speculate too much on that, but what I do know is that you are not one of these players. You are here because you care about your poker results enough to come here and do some research.

I will tell you that there’s no question whatsoever that choosing the right online poker room is the most important thing you’ll do as a poker player. Most online poker players in fact do not take this seriously enough, and even the ones that do tend to underestimate the importance of all of this. I’ve been preaching this for well over 10 years, it was true back then, and it’s even more true today.

This is especially important when playing cash online poker, as your bankroll can dissipate rather quickly if you’re in the wrong kind of situation, which includes playing the wrong game, playing the wrong stakes, and of course playing at the wrong online poker site.

So I want to talk about all of these things in this series, but for now realize that it is critical that you get the last one right, which is playing at the right poker site, because contrary to what a lot of people think, this matters a great deal.

The answer to this question is pretty simple, play at the best poker site you can. I firmly believe that Titan Poker is that site, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that deciding to play there will be the most important decision you will ever make in your online poker life.

It’s All Really About The Competition

Titan Poker LogoRegardless of what games we choose to play at a poker site, whether it’s cash games, tournaments, or sit and go’s, whether it’s Hold’em, Omaha, or Omaha Hi/Lo, whether we play the smallest stakes or go bigger, whether we play full ring, 6 handed, or heads up, how we do, the success we have in other words or the success we fail to achieve, always comes down to the strength of the competition.

This is the case whether you are a total newbie playing the first poker hands of your life, whether you are a world class top pro, and everything in between. Whatever your skill level, it is a given, and while it is important to look to improve your game as you go along and get better at this, it is even more important to seek out the weakest competition you can, so you can leverage whatever skill you now have into better results.

When playing cash poker, this is even more important, as once again the differences in skill level between what you have and what the average level of skill at a given site is will be more magnified at cash poker. So in other words if they are better than you are, you will lose more money, and if you are better than they, to the extent that you are better, you will make more money.

So when I speak to my cash players I want to make sure that this is very well understood, and I can’t tell you how many players I’ve spoken to have struggled mightily at cash poker at other online poker sites when this didn’t have to happen. Often just directing them to a better site will turn them from losers to winners right there, without even changing anything else, it’s that important.

I am absolutely certain that your poker results matter to you, or you wouldn’t even be reading this. If you want to do well at poker and at cash poker in particular, the best piece of advice I could possibly give you is to play at the best site for poker and cash poker out there, which is indeed Titan Poker.

So feel free to check out the rest of this series and this site, and whenever you’re ready, perhaps even right now, I encourage you to give Titan Poker a try. You can always return to my site later, and after you’ve gotten a chance to try out their poker site a bit, this experience will even help you better absorb the information that I have put together for you here.