Rake It In This April

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Titan Poker Rake it InIf you are keen to make the most of your poker playing opportunities this month, Titan Poker is likely going to be one of the best places to play. This is because the site is providing $16,000 in cash prizes, which should be enough to encourage people to head over to the site. There will be a lot of money on offer in April and it is the fast paced speed and cash tables that you should be looking out for on the Titan Poker site this month.

Players who are keen to make a difference will find that the aim of the game is to rack up Titan Points because this is a leader board rave event. These events are well thought of in poker terms because they add an additional element of competition for players. Knowing that you are playing poker to beat your opponent and to also score highly against your opponents is definitely something that most poker players will be more than happy with.

There will be chances for players to grab up to $1,000 every single week in the leader board race and there will also be a lot of merchandise from the site up for grabs. If you are keen to grab some top quality Titan Poker merchandise, all you need to do is set a Rake It In target and then reach it. Be sure to opt in to the promotion and after that you should look to get on with the business of winning points as quickly as you possibly can.

Titan Poker has great merchandise on offer

If you reach 70,000 points in a week, you will receive a Titan Poker cap and t-shirt. If you manage to reach 80,000 points you will receive a Titan Poker cap and hoody. If you are fortunate enough to reach the giddy heights of 100,000 points you will be able to grab a cap, a t-shirt and a hoody, which is definitely something that should encourage players to have some fun with poker play this month.

The top player in the week will receive $1,000 and the second ranked player will pick up $700. The third ranked player will receive $500 and the fourth ranked player will pick up $300. The player in fifth position receives $225 and the player in sixth will pick up $175. The player in 7th receives $150 and players coming in 8th, 9th and 10th will all receive $100.