Titan Poker Has Freebet Freerolls Football Fever

Written by George on

Titan Poker Freebet FreerollsOne of the great things about the Titan Poker site is that it always has its finger on the pulse. This means that while the site always provides a great range of promotions and bonuses, they usually spice the promotion up a bit. This helps to keep the promotions fresh for regular players but there is also a great deal to be said for the fact that the topical nature of these promotions will keep players coming back on a very regular basis.

You always know that you are going to get a lot of freerolls on Titan Poker. It’s something that players love and the site understands that giving players what they want is good for everyone. Freerolls are excellent for developing confidence, building up familiarity on site, honing your skills and of course, winning money! With all of these benefits to be gained from freerolls, it is easy to see why they are an integral part of what Titan Poker has to offer.

While poker is still a big draw this summer, there is no denying that the World Cup taking place in Brazil is going to be a big attraction for many players. This is why Titan Poker is going all out to get caught up in football fever and this is where the freebet freerolls are going to come in. The $1,000 freebet freerolls event will see players win the chance to snap up free bets for the biggest football tournament in the world. There will also be $1,000 in free bets worth of prizes added to the micros tournaments taking place on site.

Big prizes in store for many players

It only costs 10 points to register and the top 25 finishers in each of the two freerolls will grab a share of $500 in free bets. The first Freebet Freerolls takes place on Wed June 4th at 8pm and the second takes place a week later on Wednesday June 11th. With the World Cup kicking off on Thursday June 12th, this promotion is expertly timed. You will find that Titan does most things to perfection, as our Titan Poker review indicates.

The fact that there are two different chances to enter will be of benefit to players. The summer time is a time of year when many people have plans in place and not everyone will be able to make a certain event. The flexibility shown by Titan Poker will hopefully help players stand a better chance of getting involved. There is also the fact that if you fail to find success in the first wave, you can attempt to bounce back the following week.

The timing of games at the World Cup in Brazil will dovetail neatly with many people’s poker playing time so there may well be some overlapping of football and poker in June and July. If you are looking to make the most of these excellent opportunities this summer, you should find that Titan Poker is providing you with the best of both worlds.