Titan Are Whipping Up Some Fun With Twister Poker

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No matter what side of the Atlantic you are on, there have been some extreme weather conditions to look out for in recent times. If you are watching on TV, the high winds and rain can be a stunning sight, showing the true force of nature. Of course, if you are caught up in the middle of these extreme weather conditions or you have to deal with the aftermath of them, life is not so much fun. This is where it can be good to get involved with a Twister when there is no danger or potential damage open to you and this is where Titan Poker is pulling out all of the stops for poker players. Titan Poker has always been a site that delivers new and innovative ways to play and Twister Poker provides a new spin on the favourite game.

Titan Poker Twister Poker

Titan Poker has delivered a new style of poker tournament and with buy-ins available from as little as $1; there is an opportunity for everyone to have some fun. This promotion provides a chance to win a massive jackpot prize but does so within the confines of a Sit N Go playing style. This should be the poker event that many people have been waiting for!

Fast paced poker play on offer from Titan Poker

The Titan Poker Twister Poker event is a Sit N Go event that features around three past-paced turbo events where it is truly winner takes all. The prize players are playing for is a random prize that could be worth more than 1,000 times of the original buy-in. A player will select their buy-in and then click on how many times they want to play.

If you play the $1 event, you could grab a jackpot of $1,000. If you opt for the $10 event, you could walk away with $10,000. Although the prize on offer will vary depending on what the wheel delivers at random, players can be confident that they will always be playing for a prize that is at least double the buy-in they come in with.

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The odds for winning the top jackpot is 1/20,000 while the odds for winning the low jackpot, double your buy-in, stands at 15,186/20,000. There are also seven other levels in between, with odds that increase as the prize decreases, but some poker players will be winning the big prize, so it is worth getting involved with.

If you are looking for something that adds a neat little twist to the poker action, Titan Poker has delivered something that will make a difference. Poker can sometimes be about taking a gamble in life and with Twister Poker, some players will be richly rewarded for a big gamble.