Taking Advantage Of Free Money At Titan Poker

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Cash Poker Is The Best Form To Earn Free Poker Money

Titan Poker Cash GamesThere isn’t an online poker site in the world that is more generous than Titan Poker is as far as the amount of free poker money and other goodies that they offer their players. While all players are eligible for this bonanza of cash and prizes, cash money players are particularly well positioned to earn it.

While you do get credit with points for playing tournaments, it does take quite a while to play them, which can mean quite a bit of fun but you may have spent hours playing one for a limited amount of frequent player points.

You can rack them up faster playing the quicker sit and go’s, but these generally take a half hour or more of your time for the points earned.

Cash games pay points out with every hand, and you aren’t just limited to playing one table at a time either, so you can easily see how the potential to rack up points and in turn bonus money is considerably greater with cash poker.

Titan Poker LogoThese points are used for several things, all of which mean money in your pocket. In order to free up your initial welcome bonus, you will need to play a certain amount, which means you need to rack up a certain amount of points overall. The quicker you rack up the needed amount, the quicker you get paid.

Faster is indeed better here, and the faster you are able to free up your welcome bonus, the quicker you can pocket this cash and move on to getting paid with Titan Poker’s other rewards and promotions. The free money never stops at Titan Poker and the welcome bonus is just the start of things in fact.

Be sure to use our Titan Poker bonus code PBC2000 when you register your account with them. Then, when you make your first deposit with Titan, which you will want to do right away so you can start experiencing all the fun of real money cash poker at Titan, and start collecting your bonus, our bonus code will ensure that you are getting the maximum bonus that Titan Poker offers its new players.

Other Welcome Package Goodies For Cash Players

Cash Game Academy

One of the new features at Titan Poker which will appeal to cash players is their Cash Game Academy. They not only provide you with free advice designed to make you a better cash player, you can also earn up to $150 for successfully completing the course.

Most of the course involves real money experience at their cash tables, so this isn’t your normal kind of school, and you do get to experience the hands on experience as well as all the enjoyment that playing real money poker brings, in addition to working on becoming a better player and adding to your enjoyment of playing overall, as well as your success doing it.

You also can earn a special payout of $1 per 100 Titan points earned. So once again cash players are placed on the fast track for these payouts as they can receive more points per given period of play than tournament players. If you want to mix in some tournaments as well that’s perfectly fine, as tournaments also pay out points.

You get free entries into a number of nice tournaments as a new player, ones limited to new players only in fact, as a special incentive for signing up at Titan. I definitely recommend that you take full advantage of these as well as they are nice ways to gain some experience and perhaps even some extra money without having to put up any of your own to enter.

Titan Poker LeaderboardTitan offers several ways to pit yourself against other players on the site to see who can rack up the most player points over a given period of time, and in addition to being rewarded for the points themselves, they pay out special prizes for top finishers in these contests, which can add up to a nice amount of extra money just for playing at Titan.

It’s also a lot of fun to see how you compare to other players, and look to out duel them and move up the rankings. They even have a special contest for new players only where you can win your share of the extra $3,000 they give away every month with each of these special contests. You are eligible to play in these for the first 3 months so you can win more than once with this.

These contests are held at Titan’s beginner tables, which is in itself an awesome feature, as these cash tables are limited to newer players, and therefore tend to be even fishier than the normal cash tables here. Playing the beginner tables, whether you are actually a beginner or not, is a great way to build your bankroll, and if you are actually newer to the game, prepare you for playing at the regular tables.

There is also an ongoing array of other contests and promotions, some exclusive to cash players and other ones directed at tournament players, to ensure that everyone is kept very happy regardless of what type of poker they like to play.

Titan Poker’s VIP Club

In addition to all this, Titan Poker also has a VIP Club, and once again cash players are very well positioned to be rewarded well with this. The more Titan points you earn, the more you get paid, and also the higher you can climb up the VIP ladder.

Titan Poker VIP Club

All players start out at the Bronze level and can move up to further levels, and there are 5 levels to move up to, each with even better rewards than the previous one. It is the goal of Titan Poker to reward players for being more active, so the more you play, the more you’ll get with this program. As you move up the stakes, you also will earn more points per hand, so this can really snowball in your favor.

Every time you contribute to the pot, you receive Titan points, so if you are playing more than one table, this can really add up fast. You get Titan points for paying fees to enter tournaments, but the points you earn in a tournament is for the whole tournament, but with cash games, you get points with every hand you contribute to the pot in, which is a lot of hands and a lot more points. Playing several tables at the same time really accelerates this.

Plus, as you move up the VIP levels, the amount of points you earn for a given hand increases more and more as well. This means even greater rewards to you, as well as your earning free entries into the exclusive tournaments held just for members of a particular VIP level. This is another way Titan thanks you for your active play with them, one of quite a few ways in fact.

Overall, the amount of money that Titan pays out to their players just for them doing what they already love, playing real money poker, is enormous. When you consider that this is simply the best place to play poker online anyway, all this extra loot to be earned is a very nice bonus indeed.

If you don’t have an account there yet there is no reason at all to wait. Just click on our link to them and enter in our bonus code PBC2000 when you register and you are on your way to the best poker around, and some nice cash in your pocket as well just for giving them a try. Have fun!