Using Paysafecard To Deposit To Real Money Online Poker Sites

Paysafecard Is A Popular And Convenient Option To Deposit With

Paysafecard isn’t an actual card, although you could say it works like a card and could even be called a virtual card of sorts. It’s actually just a piece of paper with a pin code on it, and this pin code represents your money.

Paysafecard LogoYou purchase your Paysafecard at one of almost half a million retail outlets, or Paysafecard dealers. For instance here in Canada you can buy this at postal outlets or gas stations, so it’s pretty convenient. Where I work there’s an outlet right on site. It is also available throughout Europe as well, and the places to purchase Paysafecard are so numerous that it is ridiculously convenient to load one up.

Like Ukash, this is a deposit solution only, meaning that you can’t make online poker withdrawals to it. The moment you enter in your pin code the deal is completely done, the money transfers over to the poker room or wherever else online that you are sending it, and that’s the end of it.

So these so called cards aren’t reusable either, but they aren’t cards, so it doesn’t matter. Whenever you want to do another deposit you just purchase another ticket with its unique pin code on it, visit your favorite poker room or elsewhere, enter the pin code, and you’re done.

Paysafecard Details

Paysafecards are available in a number of different denominations. While it would be ideal to just load in the exact amount you want to one, that isn’t how they work unfortunately, and this is one way that they could improve things.

Paysafecard ExampleHowever there is a good selection of different denominations, and you can purchase several of them if needed to make your deposit or purchase something online. The main theme of this card is online entertainment, and there is a good selection of other things that you can do with it besides deposit to poker rooms, all within the online entertainment theme.

As a general rule, online sites which accept Paysafecard tend to be ones that are quite trustworthy, especially at the better poker rooms like Titan Poker. There’s actually no reason to trust Paysafecard any more than a place like Titan in fact. The security at Titan is state of the art and there’s been no instances of players ever having their payment details fall into the wrong hands.

So you might wonder, from the name of this card, Paysafecard, why anyone would need or want to bother with this level of safeness when it’s not really needed? Well in spite of its name, it really isn’t about security in a lot of instances, although in some you certainly might feel more comfortable not using your credit card or an other payment method where there might be some risk of abuse.

Paysafecard Is All About Convenience

The reason why you’d still want to consider this payment solution is that not everyone has easy access to credit cards or debit cards that are accepted or other very convenient options when making a poker deposit.

So it may not be a matter of not wanting to use these methods, it may be more a matter of not being able to. In that case, and this is the case with quite a few online poker depositors in fact, a service like Paysafecard becomes invaluable. There may be other options available to these folks but they may take longer to get their money into the poker room, bank transfers or wires for instance can take several days.

Pay Cash - Pay SafeSo in that case Paysafecard offers them the ability to instantly get their money deposited into a poker room like Titan with just a quick trip to the store involved. You can even pick one up on your way home from work, and then be online playing real money poker in a flash.

You’re still probably going to want to look at a method of getting your winnings out, and like Ukash, these virtual payment methods work very well with an e-wallet such as Neteller and Skrill. All you have to do is make one deposit with your e-wallet of choice and this gives you the ability to make withdrawals to the e-wallet whenever you desire.

These e-wallets take payment methods like Paysafecard so getting that first deposit in becomes very easy. You still want to make your deposits direct to the online poker room though as this avoids a small extra fee but paying it one time isn’t meaningful at all.

So Paysafecard certainly has its place among the ways to deposit at online poker sites and is well worth a look, especially if you have no other super convenient way of depositing.