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New Casino Games To Enjoy With Titan Casino

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Titan Casino LogoWhen it comes to making the most of your online casino time, finding new and exciting games is important. While players want to find a few games that they love and will always return to, there is a lot to be said for finding new games and experiencing different activities. In order to find your favourite game, you have to play new games and you should always bear in mind that your favourite games were new to you at some point.

Thankfully Playtech is a firm that knows people are looking for new casino games and they provide a steady range of new games. This is a firm that can be relied upon at all times, and they are one of the best regarded casino software providers you will find. The firm has an excellent reputation for games and they work alongside some of the best casino sites in the business. One of the sites that Playtech works alongside is Titan Casino, easily one of the best casino sites you will find. If you want to see the high regard Titan Casino is held in, be sure to check out the Titan Casino review.

Try the best new casino games

One of the new games on offer at Titan Casino is Money Drop. This is based on a popular TV show so you should be familiar with what unfolds in the game. The good thing about this game is that it is all about the money, so there is a strong incentive to give it your best shot. Much like in the TV game, you make the decisions on where you place your money and if you have luck on your side and you avoid the traps, you get to place that money into your account.

Sunset BeachThe other game on offer is Sunset Beach, the perfect sort of game for this style of year. While you may think this is just another beach style slots game, this game adds something new to the mix in the fact that you are able to play on 4 machines at the one time! There is a great deal of animation, plenty of up-tempo dance music and lots of great looking beach girls and boys so no matter what you are looking for when you play slots, Sunset Beach will have what you are looking for.


Titan Casino Gives It Out On A Weekly Basis

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Titan Casino LogoGiven that many online casino players like to come back to their favourite site on a regular basis, it makes sense to provide these players with every incentive to do so. The competition in the online casino market is such that players can afford to be selective over what sites they choose. This is why the best online casino sites know that they have to provide players with lots of reasons to come back to them and this is why the Titan Casino provides bonuses on a weekly basis.

One of the best things about the Titan Casino site is that they love to offer bonuses and incentives. There is an excellent first deposit bonus up for grabs when you sign up for the site and get to know your way around you. After you have taken advantage of what the first deposit bonus has to offer, there is an opportunity to benefit for the next 6 months. This is down to the fact that Titan Casino has a monthly bonus for players as well.

Titan Casino gives you more

You would think that these two bonuses are more than enough for most casino players but Titan Casino is always looking to give more. This is why the site also provides weekly casino bonuses. The Titan Casino bonus offers a matched deposit bonus of 100% up to a value of €100. This bonus runs for 26 weeks, allowing players the chance to earn up to €2,600 in bonuses just for playing and depositing on the Titan Casino site. This bonus kicks in after the 6 month period is over, which means you don’t need to worry about crossing over these bonuses.

Titan Casino Weekly Bonus

It also means that Titan Casino is providing you with a first year of bonuses, making this the perfect casino site to choose. If you want a casino site where you can come back on a regular basis and be rewarded for doing so, Titan Casino has you covered.

This bonus is valid on the first single deposit a player makes every week in the 26 week period. Players looking to receive the bonus should request in the chat option in the lobby of the casino or by emailing the support team.

Players should be aware that to cash out, they need to wager their deposit plus bonus 25 times. A player that wagers €50 will need to wager €2,500 in order to be able to cash out without voiding their bonus or winnings.


Keep Coming Back With The Titan Casino Monthly Bonus

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Titan Casino BonusIt looks as though casino sites are finally waking up to the fact that players are looking for regular bonuses. A good welcome bonus can help a player to choose a particular site but if there is nothing to follow up behind that welcome bonus, it is likely that players will not stick around for too long. There are plenty of other online casino sites providing welcome bonuses to entice players away and this is where casino site owners and operators need to be smarter. Providing regular monthly bonuses are an ideal way to ensure players stick around and with this in mind, Titan Casino has a lot to offer for players.

Titan Casino offers an enticing first deposit bonus which should boost a few bankrolls but the casino knows that this form of bonus isn’t going to last forever. This is why they follow up the initial deposit bonus with a monthly bonus that lasts for six months. Yes, the first half year a player plays on the Titan Casino site is taken up by a range of bonuses, all of which will help players to keep on playing.

The Titan Casino monthly bonus sees players receiving a 100% matched deposit bonus up to a value of €200. This is available every month for the next 6 months, which means a player could pick up an additional €1,200 through the Titan Casino site.

The bonus counts on your first deposit of the month

The bonus is provided on the first deposit a player makes in the calendar month so be sure to make this your best deposit. Depositing €200 will see you playing with €400 at the start of the month, which is definitely a massive incentive to stick around on the Titan Casino site.

Titan Casino Monthly BonusThe monthly bonus is not able to be used in conjunction with any other bonus unless it has been stated. Players looking to withdraw cash from Titan Casino after receiving the bonus are required to wager their deposit and play bonus a minimum of 25 times. Any attempt to withdraw before reaching the specified minimum wagering level will see the winnings and bonus voided.

Players that deposit €100 will be required to wager €5,000 to meet the wagering requirement. Players that deposit €200 will be required to wager €10,000 to meet the wagering requirement. This means that any player that aims to pick up the full bonus over a six month period will be required to wager at least €60,000 to obtain the full benefit.


Get A Warm Welcome With Titan Casino First Deposit Bonus

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Titan Casino BonusWhen it comes to finding a casino that is worth playing on, the first deposit bonus will play a role in deciding a site that is good for you. There are a lot of things to consider but when it comes to getting your time on an online casino site off to a great start, the first deposit bonus can make all the difference. This is where Titan Casino has something special for all of their new players and the site believes that they have an offer which is unbeatable.

The first deposit bonus on offer from Titan Casino sees players having the chance to earn up to €5,000. The bonus you receive depends on the amount of money you deposit with the site so every casino player should be able to find a level that they feel comfortable with.

A deposit of between €20 and €29 will see a player in line to pick up a 50% first deposit bonus. A player depositing between €30 and €199 with their initial deposit will be in line to receive a 100% deposit bonus. Players that splash the cash and deposit between €200 and €999 with their initial deposit bonus will receive a matched deposit bonus of 125%, up to a value of €500. This means that the optimum amount to deposit in this bracket will be €400.

High-rollers get their own welcome bonus

High-rollers who deposit more than €1,000 on their initial deposit can expect to receive a 50% matched deposit bonus up to a level of €5,000.

Titan CasinoThere are different wagering requirements for every level of bonus as well. These have been instigated in the interest of fair gaming. Players making a deposit of €20 will need to turn their wager over 20 times, a total of €600 to be eligible to withdraw funds. Any player withdrawing funds before reaching the specified wagering requirement will find that their winnings and bonus will become void.

The 20 times wagering limit is available for player depositing up to the €199 mark. Players that deposit €200 or more will need to turnover their wager 25 times. For a player depositing €200 and who receives a bonus of €250, they will need to wager an amount of €11,250 to fully clear their bonus requirements. A player that deposits €1,000 will need to wager €37,500 to clear their wager requirements.

When it comes to offering a strong deposit bonus, Titan Casino has something for everyone.