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Go Deepstack With Titan Poker

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Deepstack poker tournaments often give players the chance to fully utilise their skills and for many people, taking part in a major Deepstack tournament would be a highlight of their life. This is why the Titan Poker promotion offering players a chance to make their way to the Deepstack Open (the DSO) in 2014 is of great value.

This satellite event is not to be missed because some lucky players will find that they will be making to their way to the Costa Brava coast in Spain in mid-June for the Main Event. With buy-ins available from just €0.50, there is a genuine chance to win a once in a lifetime trip for very little outlay.

The overall package is worth €1,250, so there is plenty to play for. This package includes the buy-in to the Deepstack Open Main Event which runs from the 19th of June to the 22nd. This is worth €500+€50. There is also four nights accommodation, worth €260 at the Excelsior Hotel in Lloret de Mar and this includes breakfast. There is also €440 attributed to flights and spending so you will be able to enjoy yourself away from the poker table as well.

Poker satellite options to enjoy

There are A and B satellite events running and both are already open. The A Super Satellite event runs until Friday the 30th of May. This is the $100 Freezeout events that take at 8pm BST every Friday. The B Super Satellite event runs until Monday the 2nd of June and this is the €50 Rebuy event, which takes place every Monday at 8pm BST. Both of these satellites offer a guaranteed package.

If you are intrigued by the sound of a Deepstack poker tournament or want to know a bit more about it, it is a simple concept. You will find that this style of poker tournament is one which the players begin with a chip stack that is high in comparison to the blinds on offer. The blind increases occur at a slower rate, and this provides players the opportunity to develop a strategy for their gameplay. In general, a Deepstack tournament is one that sees more hands being played, the tournament taking place over a longer period of time and a reduction in the reliance on luck for the outcome of the game. If you believe that you have great poker skills, you’ll find that a Deepstack poker tournament is to your liking.


Titan Poker Puts The Pop Into Poker

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If you are looking for a major poker experience in the next couple of months, you will find that Titan Poker is here to give you what you want and need. This is down to the fact that iPOPS is back and with iPOPS VI, there is going to be a guaranteed prize pool of €1,000,000 on offer. This has to be the sort of news that gets you excited and you will be delighted to know that High Events and Low Events are very much on the cards for the next couple of months on the iPoker site.

There is an opportunity to buy-in to the poker fun for as little as €1 or you can just be confident and make your way directly to the €300,000 Main Event! The Low Events will be getting underway on the 13th of April and they will be running through until the 20th of April. The satellites for these events are already underway so make sure you are in the running if you would like to book your entry in that manner.

Get high with Titan Poker

If you are more focused on the High Events, these begin on the 4th of May and they come to a close on the 11th of May, which is the day of the €300,000 Guaranteed iPOPS VI Main Event. The satellites for the High Events will get underway on the 14th of April. A full rundown of all of these events can be found at the Titan Poker tournaments page, which is always a great place to start if you want to see why this is the poker site that is right for your needs.

Titan Poker TournamentsAll of these events should be more than enough to convince you to sign up for the site, but if you would like a little bit more information, there is a quick and easy way to get more information. Why not head over to the Titan Poker review page, where you can get the full lowdown on what Titan Poker has to offer and whether it is the poker site that is right for you. One of the most important things for poker players is to make well informed decisions and you will find that this review page provides you with all of the information you need to know to be able to make a sensible decision.

The last iPOPS event ran in November and December of last years, and it was a huge success amongst the online poker community. It is fair to say that Titan Poker is one of the most respected online poker sites for a number of reasons but the fact that the site provides so many big money poker tournaments on such a regular basis is why so many people keep coming back for money. No matter your level, there will always be a poker game or tournament for you at Titan Poker but if you have ambitions of winning big and moving up the poker ladder, the iPOPS events are the tournaments to look out for.

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Make the End Of The Month Special With Poker

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Titan Poker $10,000 Monthly BonanzaThe end of the month is usually a good time for people. A lot of folk receive their pay at the end of the month and there is a psychological boost that comes with the crossing off another page of the calendar. However, if you are looking for another reason to look forward to the end of the month, it may be that Titan Poker has exactly what you are looking for. This is because the site has a $10,000 Monthly Bonanza Tournament taking place at the end of the month and there are three ways to get involved with the big poker event.

If you are a new player to the Titan Poker site, making your first deposit will see you automatically gaining entry to the site. This is a free pass for new players on site and it provides an excellent opportunity to get involved with a major event. If you are a big believer in “beginner’s luck”, this has to be the poker tournament that appeals to you.

Another way to ensure you get to take part in the big event is through generating a minimum of 750 Titan Points in the month. The qualifying period runs from the 1st of February all the way through until the 28th of February, so if you plan on playing on the site a great deal this month, you should find that your time, money and efforts are well rewarded.

Plenty of poker satellite events to look forward to

If neither of these options appeal to you, there is still another way to play your way through to the Monthly Bonanza and this is through the satellite tournaments that are on offer.

Titan Poker TournamentsThere are three separate routes for players with respect to satellite events. If you are a VIP Bronze or higher player, there are three daily satellites taking place every day and there is free entry for eligible players. If you finish in the Top 10, you get a token to make your way to the big monthly event.

There are also eight satellite events taking place every day with a buy-in of 10 points and this is available to all players. The Top 5 ranked players in these events will make their way into the Monthly Bonanza.

The final satellite event takes place on Monday evening at 7pm GMT and it is open to all players that deposited funds into their account in the previous Monday to Sunday. The Top 50 players at this event will all gain entry to the Monthly Bonanza game.

A player can only gain one token to the big monthly event and a player that finds themselves in a position where they meet the criteria more than once will only receive one token, which is equivalent to one entry to the big event. Tokens cannot be swapped, exchanged or used for other months.

If you need a reason to put a smile on your face at the end of the month, Titan Poker has you covered.

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Titan Poker Still Giving You Guaranteed Fun

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Titan Poker $150K GuaranteedWhile news that the Titan Poker $200,000 Guaranteed tournament has been downgraded to a $150,000 Guaranteed tournament is slightly annoying, it is important to look on the bright side of life. If this was a new tournament starting up, it would be hailed as an exciting and innovating tournament for offering such a high guaranteed prize. In the current economic climate, this is still a major prize to look for and it is something that players should be looking out for.

This event is part of a wider selection of Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT’s) and if you are looking for a poker site that has a wide range of prizes to aim for, you couldn’t wish for a better site than Titan Poker. There is a monthly prize pool of more than €6.5 to look out for, so you have to say that this is an amount that is well worth getting involved with.

Save money on your favourite poker tournaments

Titan Poker has also boosted the options available to players this month by offering a January sale. If you want to play in the best poker tournaments for less cash, this is the site to play on in January. The Sunday Special has a 50% off sale on, the €25,000 Guaranteed Sunday game has a 47% off sale and if you want to save 70%, make sure you play in the €10,000 Guaranteed Rebuy. There is also 65% to be saved from the €2,500 Guaranteed Rebuy so no matter how you want to play online poker, Titan Poker is helping you to save money while you do it.

January is a month where money can be tight so being able to play for big cash while spending less money has to be seen as a good thing.


Grab The Luck Of The Irish With Titan Poker

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Titan Poker Irish Open SatellitesIf you have a resolution to take part in a lot more poker fun in 2014, you should check out what Titan Poker has to offer. The site has a great range of sit n go games and there are always plenty of tournaments to look for. No matter what day of the week you have some spare time, you’ll find something of interest available on the Titan Poker site. However, if your ambitions for 2014 are of a loftier variety, you will still find that Titan Poker is the natural place to be.

This is because the site has announced they are running satellite events to help you attend the 2014 Irish Open. This is the biggest land-based poker event in Europe and with the help of Titan Poker, you can book your seat at the event with a buy-in that starts as low as €1.10. Can you imagine the jealousy of your friends if you play your way to Ireland for less than the price of a pint? They’ll be green with envy while you enjoy the wearing of the green in Dublin April.

Live the high life in Dublin

The overall package is worth more than €3,000 and if you achieve success online, you’ll be heading to the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in the middle of April. The scheduled dates for the Main Event are from the 18th to the 21st of April so if you are optimistic, mark them in your diary and make your way over to Titan Poker, because the satellite events have already started!

The details for the €3,200 prize package includes the €2,000 + €250 buy in for the Irish Open Main Event. There will also be €495 for accommodation, with breakfast included, at the Hilton Hotel in Dublin from the 17th of April through to the 21st. There is €30 set aside for handling fees which leaves €425 for flights and spending money. This has to be the sort of poker prize that excites the majority of poker players so what are you waiting for?

Enter now and have more chances to win

Irish Open 2014The final Super Satellite takes place on the 2nd of April, so you have plenty of chances to get involved but the sooner you enter, the more chances you will have to win. Satellites will take place on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays but it is only the Sunday Super Satellite event that provides access to the full package. The Monday and Wednesday Super Satellite events provide main event buy-in access only. That will still be a great prize to pick up but if you are intent on claiming the big prize, make sure you can play online poker on Sunday evenings.

There are freeroll events taking place every day of the week, which provide players with the chance to earn a token to one of the Irish Open 2014 tournaments. Whether your focus for 2014 is online poker or making a breakthrough into the land based poker tournaments, Titan Poker is providing you with everything you need.


Titan Poker Has The Need For Speed

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Speed PokerIt is always good to start a New Year off with a bang and if you are looking for a fast and furious start to 2014, make sure you make your way to the Titan Poker site. This is because Titan Poker has unveiled a number of Speed Poker Tournaments.

The events provide the ability to fold immediately, to switch between tables seamlessly and there is a chance for huge player pools. The break-neck pace of the game continues all the way through until the final table, where the speed poker tournament will then concluded in a dramatic fashion.

Speed poker has become one of the most important poker site developments in recent times. There have been many strong innovations and developments with online poker, but speed poker reaches out to people in a new way. Not everyone has a lot of time to play online, which means that they want a lot of poker action in a short period of time. In this regard, speed poker is the perfect solution for so many online poker players.

Play Poker At Speed

One thing to bear in mind about the Titan Poker site is that some players in Europe may find that they can no longer access the site. Although the full reasoning behind the move is yet to be disclosed, the company has stopped operating in Holland and Finland. This has come as a blow to the many online poker players in the Netherlands, with many still waiting to see if there will be a reversal in this situation.

There was talk that Titan Poker was pulling out of Canada but that was reversed, with the site still operating. There has also been some online discussion as to whether the switch, which has seen Dutch players redirected to Ladbrokes, is for all players or just for new players. Thankfully, the rest of the European online poker players are unaffected.

Anyone looking to make the most of their time on Titan Poker should keep in touch with us. We believe that we are easily the number one choice in the online community for staying up to date with all of the latest and greatest Titan Poker bonus codes.

If your resolution to 2014 is to play more online poker, the Titan Poker Speed Poker Tournament options will help you out.