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Titan Poker Give You A New Goal This Summer

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This summer is going to be a great one for football fans but it can be a brilliant one for poker players as well. If you are a poker player that loves football, you want to get yourself on to the Titan Poker site this summer because the site is indulging in two of its favourite things. It seems as though Titan Poker loves football almost, but not quite, as much as they love poker, so you can rest assured that the site is getting worked up into a frenzy over the World Cup.

Titan Poker Freeroll Goooaaalll Series

The site aims to give away plenty of free cash and a lot of Twister Tokens at the time of the big tournament. There will be a prize pool on offer and the prize pool will grow every time a goal is scored in Brazil. Not only will you be cheering when the ball hits the back of the net because it is great for excitement at the game, it is great for poker players. Every time a goal is scored in a match, the prize pool for the following week will be boosted by a sum of money ranging between €100 and €500!

The more goals fly in, the more money is up for grabs

The site cites the example of 20 goals being scored during week one of the World Cup which will leading to the €2,000 being added to the Freeroll Goooaaalll Series. This is in addition to a range of Twister Tokens and cash prizes on offer so there will be plenty to cheer on in the next few weeks. The site has always been fairly handy with their promotions, as the Titan Poker bonus code proves, but this promotion is going to add a lot more excitement to the World Cup for poker players.

To get in the right position to take advantage of this promotion, all you need to do is deposit a minimum of €10 in the qualification period. This will grant you access to one of the events but if you are keen to give yourself the best chance of being a winner, deposit at least €50 and you will be granted access to all 5 of the events.

There is going to be €20,000 on offer in Guaranteed cash and Twister Tokens and if the goals rain down in Brazil, there will be even more on offer. The qualification periods you want to look out for run between the 1st and 15th of June, the 16th and 22nd, the 23 and 29th, the 30th of June and the 6th of July and then finally the 7th and 13th of July.

All of the tournaments will be played out on Monday nights so the dates for your diary are 16th of June, 23rd of June, 30th of June, 7th of July and 14th of July. All of these tournaments start at 7pm (GMT+1). Twister Tokens will be supplied within 24 hours of the conclusion for the tournament and cash prizes will be handed out within 72 hours of the promotion concluding. The cash bonuses are going to be valid for a period of 60 days from the date they are issued and if they are not used in that time, they will expire.


Titan Poker Has Freebet Freerolls Football Fever

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Titan Poker Freebet FreerollsOne of the great things about the Titan Poker site is that it always has its finger on the pulse. This means that while the site always provides a great range of promotions and bonuses, they usually spice the promotion up a bit. This helps to keep the promotions fresh for regular players but there is also a great deal to be said for the fact that the topical nature of these promotions will keep players coming back on a very regular basis.

You always know that you are going to get a lot of freerolls on Titan Poker. It’s something that players love and the site understands that giving players what they want is good for everyone. Freerolls are excellent for developing confidence, building up familiarity on site, honing your skills and of course, winning money! With all of these benefits to be gained from freerolls, it is easy to see why they are an integral part of what Titan Poker has to offer.

While poker is still a big draw this summer, there is no denying that the World Cup taking place in Brazil is going to be a big attraction for many players. This is why Titan Poker is going all out to get caught up in football fever and this is where the freebet freerolls are going to come in. The $1,000 freebet freerolls event will see players win the chance to snap up free bets for the biggest football tournament in the world. There will also be $1,000 in free bets worth of prizes added to the micros tournaments taking place on site.

Big prizes in store for many players

It only costs 10 points to register and the top 25 finishers in each of the two freerolls will grab a share of $500 in free bets. The first Freebet Freerolls takes place on Wed June 4th at 8pm and the second takes place a week later on Wednesday June 11th. With the World Cup kicking off on Thursday June 12th, this promotion is expertly timed. You will find that Titan does most things to perfection, as our Titan Poker review indicates.

The fact that there are two different chances to enter will be of benefit to players. The summer time is a time of year when many people have plans in place and not everyone will be able to make a certain event. The flexibility shown by Titan Poker will hopefully help players stand a better chance of getting involved. There is also the fact that if you fail to find success in the first wave, you can attempt to bounce back the following week.

The timing of games at the World Cup in Brazil will dovetail neatly with many people’s poker playing time so there may well be some overlapping of football and poker in June and July. If you are looking to make the most of these excellent opportunities this summer, you should find that Titan Poker is providing you with the best of both worlds.



Titan Poker Has Slots Of Fun Lined Up For April

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Titan Poker Grand Prix SlotsWhile poker is a great game and many people take considerable enjoyment from it, it can be nice to change things up a little. This is where it is good to have options in life and if you play on the Titan Poker site, you’ll know that there are a number of additional gaming treats on offer.

The site provides side games like casino slots and in April, Titan Poker is running a Grand Prix Slots races promotion and there is going to be $10,000 worth of prizes on offer. The more slots you play, the higher your ranking will be and the more prizes you will win. April is a busy month but if you can squeeze in some slots play, you’ll be a big winner.

You can find out more at the Titan Poker Promotions page, and this is a page that you should return to regularly. The site is keen to provide a great range of promotions and some are only around for a short period of time. If you don’t want to miss some of the best promotions, make sure you check out Titan Poker.

Wager money on slots and climb the rankings

Either download the Titan Poker software or sign in and opt in to get underway. Every time you wager $10 on casino slot game games, you receive a star and the more stars you win, the better your ranking will be. The first wave of this promotion closes on the 15th of April but if you are kicking yourself for missing out, don’t worry. This is because the next wave begins on Tuesday the 22nd of April and carries through until Tuesday the 29th.

If this promotion has given you a taste for casino games, don’t forget to check out the wide range of casino games on offer at Titan Casino. The side games on offer at Titan Poker can provide poker players with a much needed break but for a more focused casino experience, our Titan Casino review is the page to check out.


Rake It In This April

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Titan Poker Rake it InIf you are keen to make the most of your poker playing opportunities this month, Titan Poker is likely going to be one of the best places to play. This is because the site is providing $16,000 in cash prizes, which should be enough to encourage people to head over to the site. There will be a lot of money on offer in April and it is the fast paced speed and cash tables that you should be looking out for on the Titan Poker site this month.

Players who are keen to make a difference will find that the aim of the game is to rack up Titan Points because this is a leader board rave event. These events are well thought of in poker terms because they add an additional element of competition for players. Knowing that you are playing poker to beat your opponent and to also score highly against your opponents is definitely something that most poker players will be more than happy with.

There will be chances for players to grab up to $1,000 every single week in the leader board race and there will also be a lot of merchandise from the site up for grabs. If you are keen to grab some top quality Titan Poker merchandise, all you need to do is set a Rake It In target and then reach it. Be sure to opt in to the promotion and after that you should look to get on with the business of winning points as quickly as you possibly can.

Titan Poker has great merchandise on offer

If you reach 70,000 points in a week, you will receive a Titan Poker cap and t-shirt. If you manage to reach 80,000 points you will receive a Titan Poker cap and hoody. If you are fortunate enough to reach the giddy heights of 100,000 points you will be able to grab a cap, a t-shirt and a hoody, which is definitely something that should encourage players to have some fun with poker play this month.

The top player in the week will receive $1,000 and the second ranked player will pick up $700. The third ranked player will receive $500 and the fourth ranked player will pick up $300. The player in fifth position receives $225 and the player in sixth will pick up $175. The player in 7th receives $150 and players coming in 8th, 9th and 10th will all receive $100.


Titan Poker Puts The Pop Into Poker

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If you are looking for a major poker experience in the next couple of months, you will find that Titan Poker is here to give you what you want and need. This is down to the fact that iPOPS is back and with iPOPS VI, there is going to be a guaranteed prize pool of €1,000,000 on offer. This has to be the sort of news that gets you excited and you will be delighted to know that High Events and Low Events are very much on the cards for the next couple of months on the iPoker site.

There is an opportunity to buy-in to the poker fun for as little as €1 or you can just be confident and make your way directly to the €300,000 Main Event! The Low Events will be getting underway on the 13th of April and they will be running through until the 20th of April. The satellites for these events are already underway so make sure you are in the running if you would like to book your entry in that manner.

Get high with Titan Poker

If you are more focused on the High Events, these begin on the 4th of May and they come to a close on the 11th of May, which is the day of the €300,000 Guaranteed iPOPS VI Main Event. The satellites for the High Events will get underway on the 14th of April. A full rundown of all of these events can be found at the Titan Poker tournaments page, which is always a great place to start if you want to see why this is the poker site that is right for your needs.

Titan Poker TournamentsAll of these events should be more than enough to convince you to sign up for the site, but if you would like a little bit more information, there is a quick and easy way to get more information. Why not head over to the Titan Poker review page, where you can get the full lowdown on what Titan Poker has to offer and whether it is the poker site that is right for you. One of the most important things for poker players is to make well informed decisions and you will find that this review page provides you with all of the information you need to know to be able to make a sensible decision.

The last iPOPS event ran in November and December of last years, and it was a huge success amongst the online poker community. It is fair to say that Titan Poker is one of the most respected online poker sites for a number of reasons but the fact that the site provides so many big money poker tournaments on such a regular basis is why so many people keep coming back for money. No matter your level, there will always be a poker game or tournament for you at Titan Poker but if you have ambitions of winning big and moving up the poker ladder, the iPOPS events are the tournaments to look out for.

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Make the End Of The Month Special With Poker

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Titan Poker $10,000 Monthly BonanzaThe end of the month is usually a good time for people. A lot of folk receive their pay at the end of the month and there is a psychological boost that comes with the crossing off another page of the calendar. However, if you are looking for another reason to look forward to the end of the month, it may be that Titan Poker has exactly what you are looking for. This is because the site has a $10,000 Monthly Bonanza Tournament taking place at the end of the month and there are three ways to get involved with the big poker event.

If you are a new player to the Titan Poker site, making your first deposit will see you automatically gaining entry to the site. This is a free pass for new players on site and it provides an excellent opportunity to get involved with a major event. If you are a big believer in “beginner’s luck”, this has to be the poker tournament that appeals to you.

Another way to ensure you get to take part in the big event is through generating a minimum of 750 Titan Points in the month. The qualifying period runs from the 1st of February all the way through until the 28th of February, so if you plan on playing on the site a great deal this month, you should find that your time, money and efforts are well rewarded.

Plenty of poker satellite events to look forward to

If neither of these options appeal to you, there is still another way to play your way through to the Monthly Bonanza and this is through the satellite tournaments that are on offer.

Titan Poker TournamentsThere are three separate routes for players with respect to satellite events. If you are a VIP Bronze or higher player, there are three daily satellites taking place every day and there is free entry for eligible players. If you finish in the Top 10, you get a token to make your way to the big monthly event.

There are also eight satellite events taking place every day with a buy-in of 10 points and this is available to all players. The Top 5 ranked players in these events will make their way into the Monthly Bonanza.

The final satellite event takes place on Monday evening at 7pm GMT and it is open to all players that deposited funds into their account in the previous Monday to Sunday. The Top 50 players at this event will all gain entry to the Monthly Bonanza game.

A player can only gain one token to the big monthly event and a player that finds themselves in a position where they meet the criteria more than once will only receive one token, which is equivalent to one entry to the big event. Tokens cannot be swapped, exchanged or used for other months.

If you need a reason to put a smile on your face at the end of the month, Titan Poker has you covered.

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Titan Poker Is Sending You To London

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When it comes to capital cities across Europe, there is a lot to be said for London. Paris may have fashion and romance, Madrid may have style and elegance but London, has it all. No matter what interest you have in life, it is likely that London will have something that is perfect for you. This is very true for poker players and if you want to find a city that embraces poker culture and provides plenty of places to enjoy a game of poker, London is the place to be.

IPO 2014 LogoNot only will you find that there are numerous poker rooms in casinos all across the capital, you will not struggle to find major poker tournaments. If you focus on playing in the big events or you harbour a dream of playing in a major poker event, the International Poker Open 2014 (IPO 2014) is taking place in Aspers Casino in Stratford in April. The event runs from the 10th of April until the 14th and Titan Poker has a number of satellite events that will see poker players scooping a prize valued at €1,350 as they make their way to London! There will be an added prize for two fortunate poker players who will also receive entry to the Main Event, which is a prize valued at $280, perfect for a player happy to make their own way to the poker tournament. This means even online poker players based in London can see the benefit in taking part in the satellite.

Satellite events are underway in early February

The satellite events for the London expedition get underway on Wednesday the 5th of February and the buy-ins begin with a low prize of just €0.20. If you have tenacity, skill and a touch of luck on your side, you could be making your way to the English capital and a massive poker tournament for just €0.20. There is not a lot you can buy for this sort of price these days and if you are looking for a fantastic return for your money, it is hard to think of a more attractive option that will be at your disposal.

Aspers Casino PokerThe breakdown of the big €1,350 prize includes Main Event entry, 5 nights’ accommodation in a local Premier Inn hotel and money for flights and spending money. The accommodation is coming in at €610 for stay in the Premier Inn Hotel in Stratford between the 10th and 14th of April. This hotel is situated very close to the venue of the poker tournament but there is a good transport infrastructure to take you to all of the main sight-seeing destinations in London. No matter what you are focusing on with this trip, you will be able to get around easily. There is also a total of €460 provided for flights and spending money so you could be able to have plenty of fun during your time in the capital.

The full prize is on offer in the Structure A events and the prize which just offers a Main Event entry can be found in the Structure B events.

The Structure A Super Satellite events will get underway on Tuesday the 11th of February and will run all the way through to the 1st of April, but this is no joke tournament! The buy-in is a €100 Freezeout. The Structure B Super Satellite events will begin on Thursday the 6th of February and they will run through until the 27th of March. The buy-in is a $20 Freezeout.

With a combination of a fantastic trip to London and the chance to take part in a massive poker tournament, Titan Poker has delivered a satellite promotion that will grab the attention of most poker players.


Be Friendly And Get Cash From Titan Poker

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Titan Poker $500 FreeIf you regularly play poker with your friends but you haven’t got around to doing so in the online environment, Titan Poker may be about to help you out. Whether you have a bunch of poker playing buddies or you have some friends who had discussed online poker but haven’t gotten involved yet, this could be the promotion that makes a change in their life and your social life. This all because Titan Poker are prepared to give you up to $500 on cash for friends that you bring along to the site.

To take advantage of this offer, head along to Titan Poker, check out the promotions section and go to the “Invite your friends” page. Here you will find all the information and the ability to send an email or social media message that will send your friends the good news about what Titan Poker has to offer. It is not as if you should need much encouragement to love Titan Poker, there are plenty of great games and the abundance of Titan Poker promotions should always keep you coming back but some people need more.

Get your friends playing poker

Titan Poker Refer A FriendOnce your friend downloads Titan Poker from the link you sent them, makes a deposit of at least $20 and earns 100 Titan Points within 30 days of setting up their account, the fun gets underway. This is the minimum criteria for the promotion and your friend will receive a cash bonus and all of the standard Titan Poker New Player promotions. You get your hands on a Diamond Ticket, which is your gateway to your cash bonus and you will also receive a share of Titan Treasure Gold Coins as well. Opening up your Diamond Ticket will reveal how much cash you are getting your hands on and some players will be able to pick up a sum of $500. If you are keen to make your online poker time more sociable while boosting your bankroll, this is definitely the best way to do it.

You’ll soon find that playing online poker against your friends is just as fun as meeting up and playing them in real life but with a lot more convenience to the playing arrangement. If you want to get your friends involved in your online poker time, Titan Poker is providing the perfect opportunity to do so.


Titan Poker Can Slot In More Fun

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Titan Poker Hot Slots FreerollsPoker is a great way to spend your spare time but many poker players like to take a break from the main game by playing some other games. Titan Poker have a number of side games on offer and the slots are an integral part of the site. If you love the slots and are looking for more reasons to play these games or if you have never tried the slots before, there is a hot new incentive on offer from Titan Poker.

As long as you wager a minimum of $10 on the slots, you will be in the running for one of two highly lucrative $1,500 Hot Slots Freerolls this month. Sadly, the first promotion has concluded, but there is still plenty of time to grab a slice of $1,500 in the second tournament. Simply wager a minimum of $10 in a 12 day period and you’ll be off and running. First prize in the promotion earns $150 in cash and $150 in casino bonuses, leaving them with a total of $300 for their efforts.

Cash and casino bonuses on offer with slots tournament

The second placed player will receive $200 in total, $150 is going to the third placed player, $100 to the fourth and the fifth placed player will receive $60 in total.

If this promotion gets you in mood for slots and more casino play, it may be that Titan Casino is a better fit for you. Titan Casino, which was reviewed here, has many more slots on offer with the Titan Poker side games, so you may want to check out the Titan Casino site for a change of pace. No matter what online gaming activity you have in mind, Titan is likely to have something that is right for you.



Get Your Poker Diploma With Titan Poker

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Do you ever consider that if you spent the time and energy that you spend on poker on your school work that your life could have been a lot brighter or easier? It can be difficult to find the motivation or impetus to study but with online poker being so fun and rewarding, most people find it within themselves to properly apply themselves to making the most of the game. The fact that poker will touch on many of the skills that you learn at school is neither here nor there for some people, for many, it is a completely different discipline.

Titan Poker Cash Game Academy

However, with the support of Titan Poker, you can utilise your poker skills to finally get that diploma you have always wanted. The site is providing Cash Game Academy diplomas for the whole of January. Just like in real life, gaining a diploma opens up a whole new world of earning opportunities for you. This is down to the fact that for every diploma you earn, you will receive $1 in cash. With players being able to earn up to $150 in this promotion, this is certainly a promotion that is worth pursuing. You will also find that every time you earn 5 diplomas, you will be granted an additional diploma on top of it! Yes, you get your sixth diploma automatically when you earn your fifth diploma, pushing you on your way to more success and more cash!

Titan Poker offers plenty of incentives

One of the best things about this bonus is that it is on top of your welcome bonus, so you have an excellent opportunity to boost your bankroll and make the most of your online poker time. You earn your diploma by winning hands at the three separate cash game stake levels.

Titan Poker LogoIf you play at the 0.01/0.02 to the 0.02/0.05 level of stake, you need 300 winning hands to earn a diploma. If you play at the 0.05/0.10 level of stake, you need 200 winning hands to earn a diploma. If you play at the 0.10/0.20 level of stake, you need 150 winning hands to earn a diploma. If you are in a hurry, it makes sense to play at the more expensive level of play but the fact that there are options for everyone should ensure that all poker players get to join in the fun of this latest Titan Poker promotion.

Given that the site wants as many people as possible to better themselves, they have provided some tips to pick up diplomas. Titan Poker recommends that players multi-table to get more games under their belt. The site also recommends that players play with a touch of aggression. If your natural playing style is more laid back and calm, taking your play up a notch may be exactly what you need to turn playing into winning. The site also recommends that you study, but don’t worry; this isn’t the boring type of studying. This is studying the stats of your opponents, giving you a greater understanding of what you are up against at the poker table.